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  1. Thursday, May 7, 2015 11:14:18 PM Australia/Melbourne

    Many people come with the same kinds of requirements for a commercial kitchen, just like a residential kitchen. But, in actual, it is completely a different thought of setting up a commercial pantry, where the needs are different, circumstances are different, and the functions are different from the residential one. So, whenever someone comes up with a thought of setting up a big pantry for their hotel, nursing home, hospital or restaurant, they require coming with a different set of needs.


    Commercial KitchensHere, you may ask that what kind of different requirements are there and what role they play in the proper & faultless establishment of the Commercial Kitchens. Then you don’t need to scratch your mind, just pay attention here. As, we are going to highlight the top requirements of every commercial kitchen that identify its success. So, let’s have a look:


    Cooking Equipments

    Yes! The cooking equipment! Here lies one of the major differences between a residential kitchen & commercial kitchens. In large kitchens we require large sized cooking utensils, starting right from the ovens to toasters, dishwashers, grillers, refrigerators, and everything. As well, to make these needs, the market is available with a number of suppliers offering all these utilities at one stop, and at very affordable prices.


    Professional Design

    Another major requirement of these big cooking areas is the need of highly professional & adequate design, which not only provide ample space for the chefs to easily move around, but as well, provide a well structured & required space to keep everything at its place. Today, a number of commercial kitchen decorators are available that offer great & unique designs that make the working area comfortable & enjoyable to work.


    Proper Ventilation

    Now, here it comes the need of Proper Ventilation, which may cause trouble if neglected. As well, incorporating a well ventilated and highly adaptable ventilation system with the latest commercial kitchen design adds up the charm of the place and elevates the assurance of safety & well being of the people working there. Also, it pounds an important place as per the mandatory safety directions governed by state & government bodies.


    Today, our hospitality industry has groomed so far that providing us a huge bunch of great deals that make your dream come true. Although, this is a completely different approach that requires more concern, attention & time of the owner, but, as well, needs a huge budget to give it a complete look. So, whenever you think this kind of project, don’t ignore the above requirements!


    Offered Services


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    • Posted By: Brandon Industries
  2. Thursday, May 7, 2015 11:32:29 PM Australia/Melbourne

    There are countless number of restaurant, bar and café owners who got successful in their hospitality career because of the strong financial background and the true determination towards their goal. But it doesn’t mean that the individuals who want to start with a restaurant business having no solid background cannot get successful in this lucrative business. There are lots of options available in the market for neophytes who are interested in making their career in hospitality. 


    Needless to say, it is not easy to buy a commercial place, buy wholesale kitchen supplies and to hire the personnel needed to carry out the work.  Undoubtedly, it needs a lot of cash. But nowadays, there are many companies that provide wholesale kitchen supplies on rental basis which simply mean, you need not to buy the cooking equipment and kitchen accessories. What you all have to do is to just pay the rent for the equipment and kitchen supplies that you need for your restaurant. For sure, it will not make holes in your pocket as renting kitchen accessories are easy as compared to buying.


    Here are some of the benefits you can get if you need a supplier right away:


    Wholesale Kitchen Supplies

    Pay for rent on monthly, weekly or yearly basis: Chest freezers and cold food displays may be very expensive if you are just starting up. So, an ideal solution is to pay rent for the kitchen supplies. But if you are financially sound, you can buy the kitchen supplies at wholesale prices from wholesalers.


    Get the best wholesale kitchen supplies even with restricted budget: If you are a neophyte planning to start a new business and you are on a restricted budget, no need to get panic as there are many companies that offer easy payment schemes to their customers. If you want to own the wholesale kitchen supplies, you can ask them for rent-to-own schemes.


    Display cases to attract more customers: It is a perfect solution to expand your business and to attract customers. It will give you a chance to showcase your menu. You can use them to display the frozen foods and other bakery items such as cakes, pastries, cold cuts and beverages.


    Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there are many more reasons to rent or buy wholesale kitchen supplies and other cooking equipment for your food business. Dream big and try to achieve those dreams with the strong dedication.




    Discuss Your Options


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    • Posted By: Brandon Industries
  3. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 10:48:57 AM Australia/Melbourne


    Often we consider our kitchens incomplete without cooking equipment and the ingredients which we use while preparing various recipes. Only a professional chef and cook can understand the value of these things because these are some essential items without which cooking is not possible.

    But it doesn’t mean that kitchen needs only cooking furnace or gas stove and other cooking ingredients, because the importance of dishwasher racks has its own importance, especially in hotels and restaurants. At times, cooks or chefs have to prepare food for a large number of guests at the same time, and in that case they need dishwasher racks for getting their various jobs done.

    Another benefit of having dishwasher racks is that these racks can contain a large number of plates and other utensils at a same time. This can also help down the people who are in the kitchen and handling other things, as far as cooking is concerned. However the size of dishwasher racks also plays a large role. There are many dishwashers which are really huge in size and are used in hotels only.

    There are many online stores which sell such dishwasher racks in Melbourne. Well these racks also fulfill your domestic needs. You can browse through these stores, and place an order for yourself.


    Dishwasher Range


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    • Posted By: Vinoth Brandon
  4. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:04:24 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Brandon Commercial Oven

    Cooking is an art, and not all are blessed with it. It is not just about astute knowledge of right amount of spices and other ingredients as well; rather it is about maintaining the taste and fragrance of the particular dish which he/she is cooking. 

    However, the roles of electronic baking or cooking equipment like microwave, mixer and grinder, taster, and commercial ovens etc.  cannot be ignored while because these equipments maintain the taste of the dish which you are cooking. Well when we have just mentioned about the commercial ovens from cooking point of view, then this is what this article is all about.

    Cooking is all about trying and experimenting different ingredients all together at a same time, to get something finger licking food. And to make it happen senior and celebrated chefs are seen using the commercial ovens many times for baking and roasting. Another benefit of using ovens is that, being a chef you can prepare food for hundreds of guests at a same time.

    Apart from this, another benefit of using these ovens is that they are multifunctional and can be used to perform various things. However it depends on a chef only what kind of functions he/she wants that oven to perform.

    These days, there are many online stores which deal in such commercial ovens and other cooking equipments.  You can also browse through such stores and have a look over these equipments, so that you can place an order for yourself.    


    Cooking Equipment Range


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    • Posted By: Vinoth Brandon
  5. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:13:48 AM Australia/Melbourne
    In almost every kitchen, no matter whether it is domestic kitchen or commercial kitchen, there are some specific components that pound some special or can say a very important place to keep the working easy & going flawlessly. We all know refrigerator, necessary cutlery, utensils, oven & burners are of utmost necessity, but it is dishwasher that we can’t give a miss in these days.
    Commercial Dishwasher melbourne
    Commercial Dishwashers - Brand On Industries
    Unlike domestic kitchens, large kitchens in eateries, hotels, restaurants and other food junctions requires all the cooking equipments which are available in large sizes, and commercial dishwashers are one that are also available in bigger sizes. These large sized dishwashers work with the same mechanism as the domestic dishwashers do; but with a little difference of amount of work done.

    Today, there is none of a single commercial kitchen that is being operated by this component. As well, there is no big nightmare than crashing down the working of the dishwasher in your kitchen. So, aside of installing top quality, stainless steel made large dishwashers, it is also forms a necessary part to keep it in well-working state.

    There are a number of leading brands & manufacturers of these dishwashers available in the market, offering a large variety to choose from. You can also connect with the reliable suppliers near you to find the best deal for your kitchen needs.


    Dishwasher Range


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    • Posted By: Vinoth Brandon
  6. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:20:06 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Needless to say, commercial kitchen equipments are integral part of hotels, bakeries, bars and restaurants. Word of mouth recommendations works very well when it comes to the success of any food business. Your happy customers will definitely praise the quality of your food in front of their friends and relatives which will eventually increase the number of your customers.

    If you are planning to start a food business and looking for high-quality commercial kitchen equipment to flourish your business, then you will be glad to know that nowadays there is an array of online stores on the Internet which deals with superior quality kitchen equipment.  Here are some tips which you can follow to buy commercial kitchen appliances for your new restaurant or bakery:

    Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment – Brandon Industries

    1.First, decide on what type of eatables do you like to serve to your customers?

    2.Secondly, recognise your needs that what type of ovens, dishwashers and refrigeration equipment will be suitable for your restaurant.

    3. Decide the size of the equipment according to the space you have in your kitchen.

    4. Buy easy to maintain equipment made of stainless steel.

    5. Last but not the least is the planning of budget.  If you are on a restricted budget you can ask the provider if he can provide you witch kitchen equipment on a rental basis.

    6. Never compromise with the quality of equipment just to save your few bucks.

    So, keeping all these things in mind will help you to get the best commercial kitchen equipment.


    Six-Step Process


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    • Posted By: Vinoth Brandon
  7. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:31:52 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Catering supplies are very high in demand and today a plethora of suppliers are available for both wholesale and retail purposes. However, it is always worth getting connected with a reputed supplier and here are a few suppliers offeringwholesale and retail catering supplies online:

    One Stop Wholesaler

    One Stop Wholesaler is one of the top rated websites where you can place your order for wholesale catering supplies. You can search for the products manufactured by top brands in Australia and avail countrywide delivery right at your door step.

    Brandon Hospitality Solutions

    Brandon Hospitality Solutions is a one stop virtual store to place your order for wholesale catering supplies manufactured by reputed brands. You can get everything right from cooking equipment, bench top equipment, storage, kitchenware and refrigeration at competitive prices.

    Hospitality Wholesale

    Hospitality Wholesale is another remarkable virtual store from where you can fulfill your needs of getting quality catering supplies at reasonable prices. The websites offers you complete range of such products that are shipped promptly.

    So, what are you waiting for? If you are also amongst the ones seeking for several online stores to order wholesale catering supplies at very reasonable prices, feel free to browse through the aforementioned websites or can even get some references from any of the acquaintances.


    Products & Equipment


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    • Posted By: Vinoth Brandon
  8. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:33:16 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Pizzas are one of those fast foods, which are liked by people of all the ages, throughout the world. Then be it toddler, teenagers, youth, middle aged or elderly people; all love munching pizza slices of various varieties. But pizza slices are not just about enjoying the ingredients, because these slices have to go through under a hot baking process. To feel the taste of mouth watering toppings, you need to have a good oven, so that you can actually bake a pizza as per your recipe.

    commercial pizza ovens for sale melbourne

    Commercial Pizza Ovens for Sale – Brand On Industries

    These days, there are many online stores which deal in such pizza ovens. The specialty of these ovens is that they are entirely different from household ovens. In other words, these ovens are better than the normal ones, in terms of functionality and performance.

    At times, you might have noticed that we fail to cook pizzas like we eat in hotels and restaurants; it is because of absence of commercial Pizza ovens only. In Melbourne, these days, people have started placing orders for such ovens, from online stores for their household purposes as well.

    Apart from this, many restaurants and hotels in Melbourne also prefer buying commercial pizza ovens for sale from online stores only, because they know that the performance of these ovens is better than normal ones.


    Pizza Oven Range


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    • Posted By: Vinoth Brandon
  9. Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:34:55 AM Australia/Melbourne

    So, you want to modernize your restaurant’s kitchen. For this you need to buy different types of modern commercial kitchen cooking equipments. Let me tell you what different types of kitchen equipments you require:  

    1. Cooking Equipments: 
     There are different ways to cook different type of foods. Some food items are boiled, some are roasted, some are fried and some are heated. For this you have to buy different type of equipments. But if you go through internet, you can find a fryer, burner, boilers attached in a single unit. 

    2. Dish Washing Equipments: There are many companies providing dish washing equipments which can wash your dishes automatically. These commercial dish washers can wash more than thousand plates per hour!

    3. Refrigerating Equipments: 
     You can find refrigerators and freezers of different capacities and sizes. You can fix temperature to preserve your food at a specific temperature. 

    4. Beverage Equipment: Modern coffee machines, tea machines and juicers can do their jobs in few seconds. You can buy equipment according to your requirements, as these are available in different capacities.

    5. Carts: No doubt, carts can carry far more food than you are carrying in your hands. You can serve multiple customers with a single round of cart.

    So, note down your requirements on a paper and browse through internet. You will find many stores in Melbourne providing amazing discounts. Get in touch with the most reliable equipment supplier and buy your favorite equipments. 


    Products & Equipment


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    • Posted By: Vinoth Brandon
  10. Thursday, June 4, 2015 9:22:29 PM Australia/Melbourne

    Most of the times, people misunderstood the catering business with the other kitchen businesses, which is a partial truth of the industry. However, catering services & Kitchen services, both are indispensable parts of our Hospitality Industry, where they separately yet inter-dependently work with one another. Catering services are delivered at the customer’s door when required.


    Wholesale commercial catering supplies melbourne

    Thus, for every caterer, it makes an important place to have the best supplies to accomplish the needs of their customers. Today, a number of suppliers are available for wholesale commercial catering supplies in Melbourne, meeting every catering need. If you are asked about the queries of how to select the best supplier of these supplies, then don’t give miss to look at the following points.


    Accessibility of Supplies

    Yes! Accessibility of supplies is the very first thing to check whenever you approach a service provider of Wholesale Commercial Catering Supplies in Melbourne. There is no as such particular difference in the equipments of catering supplies. But, most of the catering supplies are easy to move from one place to another. Starting right from stoves, ovens, to tables, grillers, refrigerators, & everything else comes in catering supplies.


    Check the Durability

    Another thing to consider while purchasing the best Wholesale Commercial Catering Supplies in Melbourne is the “Durability” of the supplies. As we know, there are a number of catering suppliers available with a large range of equipments, but not everyone is worth to your investments. The equipments are going to come under use again and again, thus they need to be durable enough so that they can bear all kinds of rough & tough usability conditions. As well, the equipments made from stainless steel are considered as more durable.


    Don’t Get Trapped in Exciting Deals

    Yes! Exciting Deals! One of the major sales pitches of almost every supplier who deals with wholesale commercial catering supplies in Melbourne and the other neighbouring regions. Most of the suppliers make use of exciting & alluring deals on these supplies that easily attract the customer & get trapped in the non-worthy & expensive deals. So, always double check the prices of every supply before you make the final payment. This will help you in avoiding such trap like sales pitches, while keeping your purchase in your budget.


    Today, our catering industry has groomed so far that providing us a huge bunch of great deals that make your dream come true as there are number of wholesale commercial catering suppliers in Melbourne. Although, this is a completely different approach that requires more concern, attention & time of the owner, but, as well, needs a huge budget to give it a complete look. So, whenever you think this kind of project, don’t ignore the above requirements!


    Products & Equipment


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