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  1. Friday, May 10, 2019 10:35:48 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Energy efficient refrigeration

    Old Refrigerators Using Too Much Energy

    Do you have old refrigerators running? Well, you better go catch them... and replace them with something much more energy efficient. If you have a refrigerator that's over 10-years-old the yearly energy and cost saving could be massive, up to 30-40%1!

    Want To See How Much You Could Save?

    We have an interactive calculator that can give you an idea of the energy and cost savings that could be made to your refrigeration system. All the information is taken from the State Government Victoria's 2009 document Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide to Industrial Refrigeration. Click the button below to be taken there.

    Energy Savings Calculator

    1 Sustainability Victoria, Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide to Industrial Refrigeration (2009), State Government Victoria: p.11 <LINK>

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  2. Friday, February 1, 2019 11:24:08 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Refrigerated Display Cabinets

    Custom commercial display fridge

    Commercial display fridges have two simple tasks. One, make sure the inside is a stable temperature, and two, display the contents in an attractive way to potential customers. We have extensive experience making clean, smooth, good looking display fridges that work well. This includes multiple temperature compartments in the same unit, giving extra functionality and a sleek finish. The display fridges are also customisable and can facilitate bain maries, cold plates, remote refrigeration, and more.

    Display Fridge

    Coolrooms and Freezer Rooms

    Custom commercial coolrooms and freezer rooms

    For large-scale hospitality businesses, a coolroom is usually a necessity. However, different fitouts need different sizes. At Brandon Industries, we build to your specifications and design choices. As well as fitting generic kitchen coolrooms, we also fit retailer coolrooms and freezer rooms such as those found in supermarkets. Different combinations of options can be selected to create a versatile commercial coolroom for any fitout.

    Coolrooms & Freezer Rooms

    Vertical & Horizontal Fridges

    Custom commercial refrigeration

    Commercial kitchen refrigeration is an important factor. Aside from the previous two types of refrigeration mentioned, there is also the standard kitchen fridges that are found in chef’s kitchens all around Australia. This includes undercounter fridges, large upright refrigerators, and all sorts of different shapes and sizes (well, mostly rectangle, but, there are sometimes variations).

    Custom Commercial Refrigeration

    Small Commercial Kitchen

    Of course, a kitchen doesn’t only consist of refrigeration. There are many different factors as well as equipment to consider. From the whole layout to the specific pieces of machinery, we can help you design and fitout your whole commercial kitchen. From cafés to butchers, custom benching to ventilation, consulting to installation, you will find your commercial kitchen solution here at Brandon Industries.

    Small Kitchen Guide

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  3. Thursday, December 6, 2018 1:51:34 PM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Air Filtration Hygiene and Reduced Fire Hazard

    In a commercial kitchen, lots of air pollutants are constantly getting sucked up by your kitchen canopy. When it comes to grease and food particles, this high volume of pollutants means an increased fire hazard and a slow degradation of the effectiveness of your ventilation system. To keep your custom stainless steel canopy functioning properly, and maintain adequate airflow and hygiene, the correct filtration system needs to be fitted.

    No Moving Parts, Much Less Maintenance

    An electrostatic filter uses high voltage to change the charge of airborne particles, and doesn’t add any extra fans or moving parts on top of what is already in the exhaust system. The air is simply pulled through the filter, as it would be through any other length of duct, and the electrostatic precipitator removes the contaminants. This also means that the electrostatic filter system is extremely quiet.

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Efficient and Effective Air Filtration

    The efficiency of the particular electrostatic filtration systems that we use here at Brandon Industries have been tested, in a USA lab, to be 91-96% efficient for a single pass (and calculated to be 99% efficient for a double pass). Different sized units can be installed for commercial kitchens with different levels of air contaminants and filtration requirements.

    How Do Electrostatic Filtration Systems Work?

    Electrostatic filtration works by ionising the particles that have been brought into the ventilation ducts from the canopy. This basically means that the charge of these particles is put off balance, and the particle is now either positively or negatively charged. Once this is done, the particles are sent though an appropriately charged collector, to which they are naturally attracted. The result is that the particles are stolen from the air, which is then clean and free to be exhausted out.

    Commercial Kitchen Filtration Systems

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    • Posted By: Simpson Brandon
  4. Thursday, November 29, 2018 11:56:04 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Commercial Kitchen Design

    When it comes to commercial kitchen design, space and flow are two of the most important factors. Obviously, the smaller the kitchen area the more ingenious the design has to be in order to have an effective kitchen that runs smoothly. In a small kitchen, custom made equipment, such as stainless steel benching and other commercial kitchen appliances, needs to be the correct size to ensure the kitchen has a good work flow while keeping functionality. In a large kitchen, custom made equipment can boost productivity and effectiveness by allowing for optimal usage suited for the particular commercial kitchen fitout.

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Commercial Kitchen Layout

    The commercial kitchen layout is best done by an experienced kitchen design consultant. At Brandon Industries, we design, fabricate, and install custom stainless steel equipment right here in Melbourne, and right across Australia. Whether you are undertaking a commercial kitchen renovation, or building a brand new kitchen, we can offer professional kitchen design. From the floor-plan to the individual refrigeration, benching, shelving, and much more, we configure the equipment and fitout to your specific kitchen fitout ideas.

    For bigger kitchens, we offer custom coolroom and freezerroom design and installation. We also make stylish refrigerated display cabinets and under-counter refrigeration as well as stainless steel canopies and ventilation with specialised UV filters / electrostatic filters.

    Stainless Steel Design

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    • Posted By: Simpson Brandon
  5. Friday, November 23, 2018 3:32:06 PM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Commercial Kitchen Filter Systems

    Commercial kitchens produce a lot of steam, odour, fumes, fine grease, gasses, and plenty of other airborne chemicals. Because of this, proper air treatment is vital for an efficient, safe, and hygienic kitchen. The first step may be to design a custom stainless steel canopy, but this is only part of the solution. Having the appropriate air filter system is vital to the effectiveness of the unit. There are a few options, and we will be looking at one of them: UV filters.

    Custom commercial cool rooms


    Ultraviolet filtration systems improve the effectiveness of commercial kitchen canopies, resulting in better kitchen hygiene and an improved kitchen environment. By treating the airborne chemicals gathered by the range-hood with UV light, the collected organic material is broken down and becomes much easier and efficient to dispose of. This process of decomposition by light, known as photolysis, means reduced grease and odour build-up, which in turn means greater component life, a large reduction to fire hazards, and a much more relaxed cleaning schedule.


    Another way UV filters break down grease and other contaminants is through the creation of ozone. This powerful gas is composed of molecules made up of three oxygen atoms. This configuration is not particularly stable, and the molecules are ready to alter their composition with whatever else is available—in our case, this is the intake from the kitchen canopy. When grease is altered by ozone, it becomes modified in such a way that it will not easily stick to ductwork and fans. This greatly reduces the risk of fires.


    Rather than simply trapping grease and airborne oils, a UV filtration system actively breaks down these unwanted potential-contaminants into non-odorous, easy-to-clean ash. This means a greatly reduced chance of having to maintain greasy ductwork, as well as an easier clean when it's time to wipe down the UV lights. This also means that exhaust air is that much cleaner.

    Canopy Filter Systems

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    • Posted By: Simpson Brandon
  6. Thursday, November 1, 2018 10:14:26 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Cool Rooms

    Brandon Industries specialises in the design, building, and installation of small, medium and large-scale industrial or commercial cool rooms as well as temperature controlled rooms. With several years of experience servicing offering working solutions, the company is in the best position to provide cost-effective, working solutions to all its customers irrespective of the type of industry. Brandon Industries has earned a reputation for excellent workmanship, remarkable customer service, and professionalism.

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Specialised technicians

    All the technicians working for this commercial cool room Melbourne Company are highly trained and certified to work in the location and its surrounding. Each one of them also has many years of experience repairing and maintaining the various types of refrigerators, ACs, and chillers. So, immediately you contact them they spring to action, delivering effective solutions in record time.

    Effective service maintenance strategies

    If you are looking for a cool room service provider in Melbourne who can put together a competitive maintenance plan in your cool room, then Brandon industries are ideal for you. The company is widely known for implementing cost-effective strategies guaranteed to increase the reliability of your refrigeration solution.

    Good Customer relationship

    The company highly regards its reputation with its clients, striving to delight its customers with its service provision. Consequently, the company has been able to increase its customer base but also retain the initial ones due to its great workmanship, wonderful customer service and resolve to always satisfy its customers. Brandon Industries customer support means you have a professional to talk to if your equipment stalls or fails to work properly.

    Besides the company providing cost-effective cold room construction, installation, and repair services, Brandon Industries also utilises the latest technology to save you time, energy and money. Products are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet all the safety and working standards and can provides dependable, efficient, long-lasting service. This commercial cold room service provider upholds high safety standards, right from construction to installation as well as ongoing maintenance. If great workmanship and safety of property are your primary concerns, entrust your project to Brandon Industries.

    Custom Cool Rooms

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    • Posted By: Simpson Brandon
  7. Friday, August 31, 2018 10:28:19 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Aged-care Facilities

    Because of the many projects Brandon Industries has had within the aged-care industry, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from when it comes to designing and installing aged-care kitchen fitouts. From cool rooms and custom stainless steel benching to ventilation, we will quote it, design it, and get it installed. Our past experience ensures that all typical delays and hiccups will be minimised if not avoided all together. It also ensures the kitchen is optimised and fully functional, which is particularly important when it is used to serve our elderly citizens.

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Kitchen Fitout

    While an aged-care facility kitchen is very similar to a regular commercial kitchen fitout, there are some specifics that need to be taken care of. For example, the servery equipment must be ergonomically designed and easy to use for people that may have declining motor skills. This also extends to any self-serve taps, mugs, jugs, or anything that is to be used by the clientele. The particular equipment also extends to healthcare and other types of nursing homes.

    Aged-care Fitout

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  8. Friday, August 24, 2018 11:58:41 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    Custom Cool Rooms

    When dealing with a large kitchen you will invariably need a large storage area. For this, a cool room, freezer room, or even a dry storage area is the best solution. Outside the hospitality industry, cool rooms are also used for storing anything that needs a stable temperature. One common example is in practically every supermarket, where customers have access to a self-serve side of a large cool room that can be filled from the backend. Due to the modular construction of the cool room, almost any room can be turned into cold storage, of course, that’s with the proper temperature control, humidity control, and the right sized condenser. Two important factors for effective running of cool rooms and freezer rooms are the temperature and humidity. Spoilage may occur if either of these levels are not correctly maintained.

    Cool Room Design

    After the cool room or storage room itself is built, you’re going to need shelving (and lots of it). Cool room shelving can get a little tricky, sorting through all of the options and the particular sizing and tiers. If you simply tell us what you want (e.g., shelves across this wall, this high) we can work out all of the particulars and find the most suitable solution for your cool room. Navigating the appropriate requirements (in accordance with Australian standards) can be tricky for those coming into commercial kitchen design for the first time. Our team has had plenty of experience with both a myriad of different fitouts and designing for the standardised requirements. This means that we can relay important information to keep our client abreast of necessary design choices.

    Custom commercial cool rooms

    What Type of Cool Room?

    A retailer, such as a supermarket, may wish to stock a variety of frozen and cold goods. This of course means that the products have to be stored safely and hygienically. As well as this, there is the issue of access for both the retailer and the customer. The solution to this is a cold-room that has a normal slide door at the back as well as a display section from which customers can take the items they please. Restaurants, like most other businesses in the hospitality industry, are highly individualistic and, as such, have differing storage needs. Menus that are focused on a particular culture’s cuisine will have different cold-storage requirements than others, and, because of this, it is best to work out exactly what size and kind of cold room is necessary for the specific kitchen. Our experience and history of design can help to guide you in working out your optimal solution.

    Custom Cool Rooms

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    • Posted By: Simpson Brandon
  9. Friday, August 3, 2018 10:58:03 AM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial kitchen design

    What Are Steel Splashback Benches?

    Are you running a restaurant, and would you like to have the best benchtops possible? If the answer is yes, you have many reasons to spend a little time and effort learning more about stainless steel splashback benches. These durable, hygienic, and long-lasting benchtops are even starting to appear in many home kitchens across Australia. While there are many benchtops that are good looking and durable, nothing seems to stack up to the benefits of a custom made, stainless steel benchtop with a splashback. Having a splashback as part of the bench, rather than affixed to the wall, means an easier clean-up and reduces the chance of spillage and extra mess.

    Why Stainless Steel is the Best Option

    Stainless steel is often the most obvious choice for a number of reasons. It is extremely hygienic, long-lasting and durable and most importantly easy to clean. They are simple, and to some extent minimalistic in their look. This means that a stainless steel benchtop can be worked into almost any design.

    Custom commercial kitchen design

    They Continue To Look New

    Stainless steel continues to look clean and fresh even after years of use and, therefore, stainless steel benchtops are typically the best solution for restaurants and other places where benchtops are used regularly and quite roughly. Further, they are also are resistant to corrosion and rusting, which means the quality of the prepared ingredients will be maintained.

    They Can Be Customised

    It is also easy to customise benches made from stainless steel because it is a highly malleable metal. It can be moulded, shaped, and sized according to specific needs and requirements. Such customisation means that even in a small or strangely shaped fitout, a specially designed stainless steel bench can be fabricated and installed. Therefore if you are running a commercial kitchen with space constraints it makes lot of sense to get a customised solution rather than trying to made do with an ill-fitting stopgap.

    Where to get Custom Stainless Steel Benching

    Right here, obviously. With over 40 years of experience within the industry, Brandon Industries knows all the typical benching solutions, as well as some odd balls that require a little bit of creative adaptation to in order to suit the particular fitout. If it’s possible, our design team will work it out, and our fabrication team will build it.

    Custom Benching Quick Quote 

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  10. Thursday, July 19, 2018 3:45:56 PM Australia/Melbourne

    Custom commercial kitchen design

    Today, various types of stainless steel appliances are used in the commercial grade professional kitchens of hotels and restaurants all over the world. Stainless steel benches are one of the stainless steel appliances used in these kitchens. Other stainless steel appliances used in professional kitchens may include hand basins, shelving, sinks, trolleys, etc. Stainless steel benches are normally used as a counter top as well as workstations in these commercial kitchens.

    At this stage a question may naturally push to the front of your mind, and it is likely that the question is: “why are stainless steel benches used in professional kitchens?” The valid answer to this question is, quite simple, due to the material’s durability, longevity, and ease of cleaning. Stainless steel benefits not only the user, but also the owner of the commercial hospitality establishment.

    Custom commercial kitchen design

    What are the benefits of stainless steel benches?

    Sturdy structure: The most prominent benefits of using stainless steel benches in commercial kitchens may include their reflective surface, corrosion resistance, and ease to keep clean. Stainless steel is known to be sturdier than other types of worktops and is highly resistant to the impact of heat and harsh materials. Moreover, the non-porous surface of stainless steel benches severely reduces the chance of staining. This is because the bench can be cleaned easily after every use, or even at the end of the day.

    Look larger than its size: The reflective surface of stainless steel benches gives a kitchen the illusion of being larger than it really is. Your work area looks bigger, even in the smallest of kitchens, because the surface of your bench will reflect light and add a bigger dimensionality to the work area. The high thermal conductivity of steel means that it can acclimatise to the ambient room temperature faster than other materials.

    Easy to clean: Stainless steel benches are very easy to clean. You need not use any special cleaning agent or chemical, as normally stainless steel can be cleaned by just wiping them with a damp cloth or sponge. You should never use extremely harsh brushes to clean stainless steel worktops as doing so can deteriorate their smoothness by scratching the surface.

    How do I clean stainless steel benches?

    One can easily clean stainless steel benches, whether working individually or with a team. You can clean them effectively in no time, even without any costly equipment or tools. You can make your kitchen look clean and shiny by using few very easy-to-get and simple things including some olive oil, white vinegar, a container, a spray bottle and few towels.

    Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the entire surface of your stainless steel bench and let it sit for a while. Afterwards, use a towel to clean the mixture from the surface and dry it up. Now take another towel and pour few drops of olive oil on it to rub the benches to give them their shiny look.

    Stainless Steel Bench Quick Quote

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    • Posted By: Simpson Brandon