So, you want to modernize your restaurant’s kitchen. For this you need to buy different types of modern commercial kitchen cooking equipments. Let me tell you what different types of kitchen equipments you require:  

1. Cooking Equipments: 
 There are different ways to cook different type of foods. Some food items are boiled, some are roasted, some are fried and some are heated. For this you have to buy different type of equipments. But if you go through internet, you can find a fryer, burner, boilers attached in a single unit. 

2. Dish Washing Equipments: There are many companies providing dish washing equipments which can wash your dishes automatically. These commercial dish washers can wash more than thousand plates per hour!

3. Refrigerating Equipments: 
 You can find refrigerators and freezers of different capacities and sizes. You can fix temperature to preserve your food at a specific temperature. 

4. Beverage Equipment: Modern coffee machines, tea machines and juicers can do their jobs in few seconds. You can buy equipment according to your requirements, as these are available in different capacities.

5. Carts: No doubt, carts can carry far more food than you are carrying in your hands. You can serve multiple customers with a single round of cart.

So, note down your requirements on a paper and browse through internet. You will find many stores in Melbourne providing amazing discounts. Get in touch with the most reliable equipment supplier and buy your favorite equipments. 


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