Custom commercial cool rooms

Commercial Kitchen Filter Systems

Commercial kitchens produce a lot of steam, odour, fumes, fine grease, gasses, and plenty of other airborne chemicals. Because of this, proper air treatment is vital for an efficient, safe, and hygienic kitchen. The first step may be to design a custom stainless steel canopy, but this is only part of the solution. Having the appropriate air filter system is vital to the effectiveness of the unit. There are a few options, and we will be looking at one of them: UV filters.

Custom commercial cool rooms


Ultraviolet filtration systems improve the effectiveness of commercial kitchen canopies, resulting in better kitchen hygiene and an improved kitchen environment. By treating the airborne chemicals gathered by the range-hood with UV light, the collected organic material is broken down and becomes much easier and efficient to dispose of. This process of decomposition by light, known as photolysis, means reduced grease and odour build-up, which in turn means greater component life, a large reduction to fire hazards, and a much more relaxed cleaning schedule.


Another way UV filters break down grease and other contaminants is through the creation of ozone. This powerful gas is composed of molecules made up of three oxygen atoms. This configuration is not particularly stable, and the molecules are ready to alter their composition with whatever else is available—in our case, this is the intake from the kitchen canopy. When grease is altered by ozone, it becomes modified in such a way that it will not easily stick to ductwork and fans. This greatly reduces the risk of fires.


Rather than simply trapping grease and airborne oils, a UV filtration system actively breaks down these unwanted potential-contaminants into non-odorous, easy-to-clean ash. This means a greatly reduced chance of having to maintain greasy ductwork, as well as an easier clean when it's time to wipe down the UV lights. This also means that exhaust air is that much cleaner.

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