Custom commercial kitchen install

Do you want to upgrade your commercial kitchen? Do you want something that can fit your unique needs? Do you want a durable result? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider getting a custom commercial kitchen. A custom commercial kitchen is designed depending on your specific needs, without the restricted options of buying prefab. This means that you can have the equipment conform to your design, rather than having to adapt your design to the available items.

Here you will find many custom commercial kitchen Melbourne services. The experts at Brandon Industries are trained to custom design your kitchen pieces. We understand the needs of any hospitality business and will design the custom commercial kitchen accordingly.

You will have the complete freedom to choose the material and design, as long as the material is stainless steel and the design is functional. You just need to share your vision and budget. We will prepare an appropriate equipment list and take care of everything from the initial plan, through the accurate CAD designs, to installing the customised equipment. We are able to guide you throughout the process to create an effective and durable commercial kitchen.

You can consider anything like outdoor BBQ & stainless steel fabrication, aged and healthcare-specific kitchen, stainless steel benches & worktops, configurable refrigerated & ambient displays, and much more. You will have a design that will perfectly fit any outdoor space. The configuration design means the benches can be optimized for the space.

How to plan your commercial kitchen fitout

Unique designs

You can have unique designs that bring efficiency, functionality, and perhaps a bit of character to your commercial kitchen. This will include a different design for different purposes. An outdoor kitchen fitout will have a specific design that is different from that of a healthcare kitchen or high-end restaurant fitout.


You will have many cooking combinations with different materials and designs. This includes a wide range of equipment and designs in all the categories, including: stainless steel benches, worktops, outdoor BBQ stainless steel fabrication, age-specific kitchen, health-specific kitchen, and custom design canopies. The specific fitout customisation options depend on the initial fitout design and the focus of the hospitality industry. A consultation with Brandon Industries will show the many options suited to your particular case.

Ease of use

Having a well-designed and easy to use kitchen will contribute to the success of your business. As well as all of the custom commercial kitchen pieces being durable, their placement will allow for increased efficiency and will greatly increase ease of use. When the demands of your business will increase, you can order more pieces and easily expand your business due to the fore-thought of the design.


You might be thinking that you will have to spend more for the custom commercial kitchen. But in reality, it will be affordable and the extra efficiency and well-fitted machinery will offer a boon to your business. There are also finance options available that allow for some very lucrative and business-savvy options. It is important to build on a strong foundation, and a custom commercial kitchen offers the perfect foundation for any budding or renovating kitchen.

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