Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Many restaurant formats and food companies require different types of equipment.

A food service operator relies on kitchen equipment to cook and make everything on the menu, and if one piece fails the whole kitchen could shut down. When first starting out, or when installing a different piece of equipment, one of the largest concerns is cost. Commercial equipment is an investment, and the biggest choice is usually whether to purchase a brand-new item from a dealer or to buy a used item from an auction house or another restaurant that is closing its doors.

Although used may seem like the best restaurant equipment to purchase from a budget perspective, there are always risks involved when the equipment was not yours to begin with. Before deciding, consider your menu, your kitchen layout, and your budget.


Commercial Grade Oven


Commercial-Grade Equipment is the Key

Try not to buy residential equipment for your restaurant!

If you are deciding new or used, commercial restaurant equipment is a must. In most commercial kitchens, installing a residential model in place of a true commercial piece of equipment is against the local health codes. Though it may be tempting to choose residential equipment, commercial-grade equipment is generally easier to clean, more durable, and designed with constant, heavy use in mind.

New Commercial Grade Equipment

Purchasing new restaurant equipment is not an option for every operator. However, there are some instances where buying a new piece of equipment will be in your favour, try and think of the saving repair costs and headaches down the road. Equipment like commercial grade fryers can corrode or even leak, and old electrical components can be a detriment to cooking consistency. Commercial ice machines are another type of equipment that experts generally recommend against buying used. There are just too many things that can fail or contaminate over time when it comes to ice equipment.

Purchasing new commercial kitchen equipment offers peace of mind and the knowledge that the unit will work appropriately for many years to come, barring any real abuse. Another win is that new commercial grade equipment usually comes with a warranty, protecting you against chance malfunctions and or break downs.


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