Custom commercial kitchen design

Whether you are renovating an existing restaurant kitchen or planning to open a new restaurant altogether, it’s likely that you are thinking of buying new commercial kitchen equipment. During this process there can be several questions in your mind which are best addressed to a professional custom commercial kitchen consultant. Before finalising a deal, it’s important to know precise details about your new kitchen and the current technology on offer in the world of commercial kitchens. Some of these questions and their possible answers are given below to help you find some clarity with the design process.

What materials are used in the commercial kitchen?

Normally, highly durable stainless steel is used in making commercial kitchens so that the equipment can be used safely for preparing food without being affected by high temperatures. Most of the components of commercial grade kitchens, from dishwashing sinks to the hood of the stove, table tops and splash backs, are made of stainless steel. The cutting boards on the prep tables in these kitchens are colour coded polyethylene to allow its users to hygienically prepare various types of foods simultaneously. The stainless steel used in these kitchens help in increasing its productivity along with keeping the food safe.

Who should I meet to ask for advice when buying a new commercial kitchen?

When buying a commercial kitchen you should seek advice from a custom commercial kitchen consultant along with your chef and kitchen staff. The kitchen consultant will have insight into important construction details, including the needs and roles of tradies, such as plumbers and electricians, which are vital when building a new or refurbished commercial kitchen. A consultant will also be able to have a dialogue with the chef of your restaurant since they both share a knowledge that encompasses kitchen usage and workflow.

Custom commercial kitchen fitouts

What ergonomic and functional needs should I consider?

The design of a commercial kitchen can be said ergonomic when it has been customised according to the space available and enables its users to cook food at a fast and comfortable speed. This means that the kitchen design should take workflow and the specific spatial layout into consideration. When buying a commercial kitchen, you should consider the particular type of cooking and preparation that will be undertaken, as well as the availability of the space.

How can I maximise the energy efficiency of a commercial kitchen?

While discussing the designs of different types of commercial kitchens with the custom commercial kitchen consultants you can also ask about the ways to increase energy efficiency. An experienced consultant, as well as designer of commercial grade kitchen equipment, can be very helpful to guide you with such a query. This will also help you in making a wise decision when buying a piece of expensive but energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment.

What size commercial kitchen will be suitable for my restaurant?

The size of a commercial kitchen depends on various factors including the maximum number of customers that can be served and the different kinds of meals on offer. The kitchen of your restaurant should be proportionate to its seating capacity, factoring in the average space needed by your chefs in order to prepare and cook the meals. A professional consultant will be able to give more nuanced details pertinent to your specific fitout, as this kind of information is very much derived from the locational context and your own personal vision.

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