Custom commercial kitchen design

Kitchens are one of the most vital areas of any home or hotel. In a certain sense, the kitchen is the heart of the building, and its design and arrangement should not be taken lightly. A commercial kitchen that is well arranged, cleaned, and designed gives those working from there the ability to work efficiently, safely, and promptly. The design and fitout of these kitchens becomes equally, if not more, important than the amount and even quality of your utensils and machinery. The emphasis is on how you are going to utilise and arrange your equipment in the small space provided to ensure maximum efficiency and flow of your chefs.

Commercial kitchens are totally different from the kitchens in our homes. Residential kitchens are relatively simple where commercial kitchens are best designed by a qualified kitchen fitout designer. When designing a commercial kitchen, a lot of care should be taken to maximise the effectiveness and flow of the workspace. Because of this, you should most definitely hire a known and experienced kitchen designer to do the job for you.

A commercial kitchen designer should have experience, knowledge, and a well-trained team. At Brandon Industries, we have over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry that has given us an extensive knowledge of both designing commercial kitchen fitouts as well as selecting the most appropriate equipment and machinery for specific kitchens.

Custom commercial kitchen design

Aside from having an optimised work-flow, another reason for having a well-designed kitchen is for the customer to be able to see, if only with a glimpse through closing doors, an efficient and clean kitchen that makes them feel comfortable and ready for a well-prepared, timely meal. For example, having an appropriately sized refrigerator means that the items inside won’t be crammed in nor the unit look empty and sad. This all adds to the ambience of the restaurant and mood of the customer.

Attention to safety is also important. There should be sufficient space so that hot and heavy dishes can be moved with ease with no chance of bumping into other workers in the kitchen. Equipment manufacturers specify space requirements for their units that must be taken into consideration when designing the fitout. A seasoned designer will remember and act on these requirements, whereas an amateur may accidentally overlook certain tricky elements in the design stage.

The commercial kitchen floor plan is a major consideration, however the work of the designer does not end there. Proper lighting is important for both safety and efficiency, as well as ventilation, signage, and proper safety recommendations. Duties like chopping, arranging plates and foods, sautéing and baking is not likely to be correctly in a poorly lit kitchen. Air full of pollutants must be cycled out, filtered, and new air returned into the kitchen. All of this must be taken into consideration in the design stage.

If you want to have a well-designed kitchen that optimises safety, work-flow, and food output, your best bet is to employ an experienced kitchen design team like we have here at Brandon Industries.

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