Custom commercial kitchen design

The plan for a commercial kitchen needs to be made carefully and thoughtfully to ensure the space within is properly utilised. Appropriate use of kitchen space will allow chefs to have easy access to everything in your commercial kitchen. The following information will help you optimally design and plan you kitchen, and our expert commercial kitchen team can help you with anything not found below.

The Size of the Space

Calculating the exact amount of space to work with in your commercial kitchen is the first step in designing the most optimised plan. Make use of the tape measure to know the actual size of your kitchen length, width, and height. Use these measurements to come up with a planned scaled plan in the kitchen area. Also consider filling in extra details that may be unique to your kitchen, this includes any brand-specific layout requirements, strange features in the building, or anything else that might be necessary to know when creating a detailed layout plan.

Required Equipment

Make a full list of all essential equipment that you will need in the kitchen. This list will be helpful as a starting point, and can be updated and streamlined by one of our professionals. The knowledge we have of current kitchen technology and specials means that you can end up saving money both initially and in the future.

The Layout

Once you have made your plan, and listed all the equipment you’ll need to incorporate in your kitchen design, the next thing you should do is start to position different items in the kitchen and work out the optimal layout. Our 3D drawings can allow you to visualise how the kitchen will fit together and can be easily tweaked. With accurate measurements, this is the best way to proceed with the layout planning. Sufficient space will be planned out to allow your chefs to have proper workflow, and our custom made items will greatly improve the ease and end result of the design.

Custom commercial kitchen fitouts

A professional commercial kitchen design team will make sure that you have the best and most suitable equipment for your kitchen fitout. Our knowledge of the current machinery means that we can offer ideas and solutions that would otherwise be unknown to someone not as immersed in the industry. Our stainless steel fabrication means that the kitchen flow and space requirements can be easily optimised.

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