Melbourne - the top culinary destination in Australia?


Australia is spoilt for choice when it comes to food and dining. There is a wealth of natural resource, in particular, our amazing seafood, and there are many places that take advantage of this in the best possible way. People looking for a unique dining experience have everything from scenic Noosa in Queensland to lively Melbourne to choose from. The city of Melbourne is especially known for its vibrant and broad range of food.  A commercial kitchen in Melbourne can be as designed in a myriad of ways, to match the myriad of culturally diverse food landscapes. Because of this, an experienced and competent commercial kitchen contractor is the best way to embark upon your design—especially one that is also a supplier of quality catering equipment.


Location, location, location

The neighbourhood your business is located in makes a big difference. This will impact the design choices and the type and power of the equipment that your setup will need. As a food service consultant, Brandon Industries can help you work out what items, and what design, is best for the specific location of your commercial kitchen. This process is made easier since we offer custom stainless steel benching, wall sheeting, exhaust canopies, ductwork, fans, and more. The design of the kitchen plays a significant role in the food prep so be very sure of the strategy you choose before you open. Diners often seek out an area known for a certain type of food so you can get traffic just from being located there, but doing something different can also get you noticed in a sea of similar businesses.


Old-fashioned or trendy?

Another decision to make in a city like Melbourne is what kind of image you want to project. You can find commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne to suit most businesses, whether you run a classic bacon-and-eggs cafe or a US-inspired food truck serving trendy fare. Getting good advice from hospitality design professionals is the best way to ensure you get the right commercial kitchen equipment for your needs. As well as this, Brandon Industries also offers expert advice on behind-the-scenes areas that includes cool rooms, freezer rooms and even the right kind of ice maker.


Completed Fitouts