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A beautiful outdoor kitchen


An outdoor kitchen or dining area is an amazing addition to any Australian restaurant - it's a shame to waste the beautiful weather and views we're gifted with. Even in the city, an outdoor dining setting can include a food prep area; however, if that's inconvenient, there are other solutions that can assist you in bringing your food to your diners. An outdoor stainless steel bench or a custom kitchen trolley can make it easier for you to make the outdoor setting a dynamic and lively area where staff can easily access or even prepare some menu items. For such a design, professional commercial kitchen consulting is a must.


Custom Outdoor Stainless Steel


Bringing new life to a bar


Any bar worth its salt should have a great outdoor area where patrons can enjoy their beers or cocktails in the fresh air. Decorating outdoors is often easier than indoors, but when it comes to kitchen equipment it's a little trickier. A custom kitchen stainless steel bench can be adapted for many uses, and an outdoor stainless steel bench will make it easier to prepare drinks and food outdoors. A custom kitchen trolley is a great way to bring food in and out, and it’s also a way to grab patron attention and direct it to the food that is on offer. There's not much better than a few drinks and food with friends, so why not play to that and create a beautiful atmosphere both inside and out? To make it exceptional, consult with professional custom kitchen designers.


Commercial Grade Oven


Extending the seated area of your restaurant


Developing an outdoor area can be one of the easiest ways to increase the number of available seats in your restaurant. An outdoor stainless steel bench will both be functional and look great. Brandon Industries offers custom fabrication of stainless steel that includes benches, cool rooms, wall coverings, and all sorts of items needed in food service design.


A company with experience in kitchen design can help advise on the next step for you.


Custom Commercial Outdoor Design