Selecting the Right Commercial Refrigeration for Your Business

After completing your menu and locking-in your cooking equipment, it’s time to consider the refrigeration and freezer needs for your commercial kitchen. The following information can also be applied to display fridges, open fridges, and all kinds of commercial refrigeration units.


Consideration should be given to the current and projected turnover of menu lines requiring refrigerated storage. If your menu is based on a lot of frozen foods, then you will need a lot freezer space. On the other hand, if you receive daily, on-going deliveries of seafood, fresh meats and produce, then you will not need as much refrigeration as restaurants receiving food deliveries once or twice a week.


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Refrigerators and freezers are the only appliances that run 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, this highlights the importance of selecting reliable and durable commercial refrigeration. Just imagine your worst nightmare becoming a reality. You turn up to work only to discover your refrigeration has leaked and all the food is ruined due to equipment failure!


Therefore, when choosing refrigeration for your commercial kitchen you need to consider the following info:

Energy Efficiency

As power costs continue to rise, so does the need for higher efficiency and reliability in commercial refrigeration. The positioning and insulation used in the manufacture of new equipment helps in reducing external heat and energy consumption. Always check the star rating – the more stars the more savings!


A refrigeration system must prevent spoilage. Units should include removable components making it easier to clean and sanitise to ensure food safety. Doors must be easy to open and close securely to keep food cold and fresh. Temperature controls should be visual, simple, and easy to adjust.


Commercial refrigeration systems must be durable enough to keep food cold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. You can’t afford equipment failure.


Make sure you purchase your commercial catering equipment from a reputable supplier, who provides prompt and reliable after-sales service. Check the validity of equipment warranties, customer support programs and the availability of replacement parts.


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Additionally, check the origin of the equipment you are intending to purchase. Whilst the purchase price may seem cheaper, it is highly probable the long-term quality, functionality and after-sales service will be compromised. You certainly can’t afford to have unreliable equipment in a busy commercial kitchen as this will affect the viability of your business.

There are many types of commercial refrigeration available and you can spend hours shopping around, spending your valuable time researching your options. We recommend you seek expert advice, allowing you to continue doing what you are good at – running your business!


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