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The difference between a successful commercial kitchen and an unsuccessful one comes down to the quality of the kitchen design. Careful planning is the key to avoiding angry chefs, frantic waiters, broken glass, and spilled food. Brandon Industries crafts Melbourne commercial kitchens according to these three all-important principles in order to help top food industries perform at maximum efficiency all year round.

1. The Cycle of Food

Kitchens should be designed to naturally flow in a circular pattern therefore eliminating unnecessary trips behind other employees and through other work areas. The servers’ area should be at one exit, and the washing stations should be conveniently located at the front so dirty dishes from the dining area can be deposited, washed, and reused in food preparation. Food preparation should give way to meal preparation, which should, in turn, be a short distance from the servers’ area. If waste disposal is in the food preparation area, for instance, and storage areas are located near the washing stations, then materials and resources travel efficiently around the kitchen thereby facilitating food preparation rather than detracting from it.

2. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Brandon Industries often incorporates open floor plans into Melbourne commercial kitchens both to allow supervisors to better evaluate chefs around the kitchen and to use space more efficiently. Fewer walls and partitions will improve communication between different sections of the kitchen, reduce overall clutter, and eliminate unnecessary stress for everyone.

Mounting equipment around the outside of the kitchen rather than against walls will not only simplify the overall layout but will also save precious space in locations where real estate is particularly expensive and expansion is impossible. The simpler the design of your Melbourne commercial kitchen, the more effectively personnel will be able to locate who and what they need when they need it.

3. The Devil is in the Details

Ergonomically-designed equipment can slash the amount of time chefs spend preparing food keeping your chefs productive and happy and your customers satisfied and satiated. Higher work tables, for instance, allow chefs to stand up straight while chopping vegetables rather than having to bend over for hours at a time. High-end knives will greatly improve preparation times while also reducing injuries, and under-counter storage areas allows chefs to keep ingredients in convenient locations so they can throw them in the deep fryer or on the stove without having to make another trip across the kitchen.

While replacing kitchen equipment can be expensive, purchasing high-quality machinery and supplies is perhaps the most effective way to keep Melbourne commercial kitchens running properly and personnel working productively.

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Your Commercial Kitchen: Melbourne

Starting a business in the food industry is already a risky venture, and building kitchens is far from simple. However, it is the cornerstone of a successful enterprise. Without a well-designed commercial kitchen, you’re likely to have miserable employees, slow service, and an empty cash register. Using time-tested principles and our group of expert designers, Brandon Hospitality Solutions will create a commercial kitchen for your team that is sure to make food preparation as smooth as worry-free as possible so you can worry less and cook more.

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