No matter that your restaurant has a line cook or top chef who is working at his best, getting commercial microwave ovens for the kitchen can make the process of cooking much easier. Most of the fine dining establishments have felt that although making use of microwave can compromise with gourmet food, but the actual fact is that these ovens are used for many more purposes than actually cooking.


The commercial microwave oven has now become a standard fixture in several renowned eating places. Everyone owns a microwave oven these days and you all know that how these appliances can cook food and heat water in very less time than it would take in standard stove or oven. Microwave ovens were first developed in 1947. Since then, these microwave ovens have gone numerous changes and now they have come in different new styles, sizes and types. You as a consumer have several options when it comes to choosing commercialmicrowave oven, either you can choose wall mount oven built into cabinetry or the tabletop, which you can place on table or countertop.


These microwave ovens come in different sizes and types for you choose based on your needs and choice. The following are some of the different types of microwave ovens available these days:


Compact Microwaves: This type of commercial ovens usually measure around 18 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 12 inches tall. They provide you with a capacity of about one cubic foot with power ranging from 500 to 1000 watts. Mostly, they are used for reheating foods, making popcorn and cooking light meals as well. Their small size is advantageous as they require very less space and you can easily keep them wherever you want to.


Medium Capacity Microwaves: Typically, these microwave ovens are around 20 inches wide and have capacity of ranging from one to one and half inch cubic feet. With power ranging from 1000 to 1500 watts, these medium size ovens are having several inbuilt auto-cook features which are usually not found in compact type ovens. These types of commercial ovens make the cooking fast and can even accommodate larger bowls as compared to compact ovens. Moreover, frozen entrees, small pieces of meat and vegetables can be easily cooked in it.


Large Capacity Microwaves: As the name suggests, this kind of microwave ovens provide a larger capacity of over two cubic feet. With power of over 2000 watts, these microwaves are capable of cooking turkey, roasts, large casserole dishes and many more. This kind of microwave oven provides you with several auto cook features that make cooking simple and easy. Moreover, these feature temperature controls that are very precise allowing you to cook more tasty and flavorful dishes. 


So, based on your cooking needs and requirements, you can very easily choose the microwave oven which you think will best fit. Moreover, these days you can get premium cooking equipment including commercial ovens online very easily because a number of sites are operating that are providing a wide range of cooking appliances which not only make cooking easy, but enjoyable too.


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