Commercial kitchen install

Well-designed, custom commercial kitchens promote efficiency that allows the right food to be served easily and promptly. This, in turn, will keep your customers happy and your business looking professional. In fact, it would be rather uncontentious to say that commercial kitchen design can make or break your hospitality business. Commercial kitchens design is not only about how much equipment can fit into the space provided but also where it will be placed for maximum flow and efficiency of those who work there.


Commercial refrigeration should generally be placed towards the back of the kitchen since the ingredients for each dish will nearly always come from the refrigerator. It will be prepared on stainless steel benches, cooked in a variety of ways on whatever commercial cooking equipment is deemed necessary, arranged onto the plates and then it may need to be kept warm before being taken out to the customers. This means that items such as warmers should be placed nearest to the customer - at the opposite end from the refrigerators.


While food-flow should be kept in mind, attention to safety is also vital to good kitchen design. Enough room should be reserved so that heavy or hot dishes can be moved around easily with minimal chance of bumping into other workers. The space that the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers specify also needs to be taken into consideration so that the cooking equipment does not overheat or cause damage to surrounding equipment or personnel.

Cafe and restaurant design

The floor plan of your custom kitchen is important, but don't forget to look up! Good light is necessary for chefs who are sautéing, chopping, baking and arranging food on plates. They cannot be expected to do an excellent job if they cannot see properly. As well as lighting, vents need to be placed near dishwashers to cope with the steam and range hoods must be included in the design.


There is an extensive variety of custom commercial kitchen equipment such as: commercial refrigeration, chapati making machines, wash rooms, show counters, stockpiling compartments, and so on. This variety is also reflected in the ever-changing panoply of bar and restaurant equipment. As such, there is a lot of new innovation and adaptation to the changing landscape of hospitality equipment design that must be taken into consideration when designing a commercial kitchen. This is where the extensive knowledge of the Brandon team comes in to help select, modify, and customise the right equipment for your kitchen fitout.

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