Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Custom commercial display fridge

Commercial display fridges have two simple tasks. One, make sure the inside is a stable temperature, and two, display the contents in an attractive way to potential customers. We have extensive experience making clean, smooth, good looking display fridges that work well. This includes multiple temperature compartments in the same unit, giving extra functionality and a sleek finish. The display fridges are also customisable and can facilitate bain maries, cold plates, remote refrigeration, and more.

Display Fridge

Coolrooms and Freezer Rooms

Custom commercial coolrooms and freezer rooms

For large-scale hospitality businesses, a coolroom is usually a necessity. However, different fitouts need different sizes. At Brandon Industries, we build to your specifications and design choices. As well as fitting generic kitchen coolrooms, we also fit retailer coolrooms and freezer rooms such as those found in supermarkets. Different combinations of options can be selected to create a versatile commercial coolroom for any fitout.

Coolrooms & Freezer Rooms

Vertical & Horizontal Fridges

Custom commercial refrigeration

Commercial kitchen refrigeration is an important factor. Aside from the previous two types of refrigeration mentioned, there is also the standard kitchen fridges that are found in chef’s kitchens all around Australia. This includes undercounter fridges, large upright refrigerators, and all sorts of different shapes and sizes (well, mostly rectangle, but, there are sometimes variations).

Custom Commercial Refrigeration

Small Commercial Kitchen

Of course, a kitchen doesn’t only consist of refrigeration. There are many different factors as well as equipment to consider. From the whole layout to the specific pieces of machinery, we can help you design and fitout your whole commercial kitchen. From cafés to butchers, custom benching to ventilation, consulting to installation, you will find your commercial kitchen solution here at Brandon Industries.

Small Kitchen Guide