Custom commercial kitchen design

Custom commercial refrigeration is a necessity in the food service industry. This is because the quality and freshness of the ingredients determines the kind of food these companies can provide. High demand placed upon restaurant kitchens and catering facilities requires large capacity storage for ingredients and food items. The solution for commercial kitchen refrigeration ranges from underbar fridges to a large, maybe even double, coolrooms. Specialised fridges have shelves and ample space inside each unit for containers and bulk ingredients.

Unlike a domestic fridge that may have freezers, ice makers, and water dispensers attached, in a commercial kitchen or catering service these are separate appliances that are much larger in scale. Because of the varying usefulness of each piece of equipment, commercial kitchens benefit from custom stainless steel fitouts. Having a custom made fridge or appliance means that the output will be suited to the particular kitchen, and will save of extra energy expenditure as well as food wastage due to lack of space. Whether it’s display refrigeration, quick access fridges, or walk-in coldrooms, we can find the right solution for your kitchen fitout.

Custom commercial kitchen design

The cooling power of commercial refrigerators is stronger than regular models. These units are made to meet the demands of the food industry. Faster cooling is always needed when you're working in a restaurant or catering business, so it is only imperative to get a commercial refrigeration system.

If you are after energy efficiency, most of the today's commercial refrigeration models are built with this in mind. The higher energy efficiency you'll find, the better it is for your business and budget. However, since these units run 24/7 at regulated temperatures, they usually have lower energy efficiencies compared to home versions. The temperature settings of these units are designed to remain consistent, keeping food and ingredients safe for consumption. Melbourne custom commercial refrigerators are typically large, stainless steel units that need a particular amount of space. However, the design can be tweaked to fit your particular kitchen fitout.

Lastly, it is important to remember that Melbourne custom commercial refrigerators are not magical appliances that can be left running without any maintenance. There will come a time you will need some repair or maintenance is done on your unit because of the usual wear and tear. Over the years you will require someone to fix your fridge, so make sure this person is licensed and experienced in repairing commercial refrigerators.

Custom Kitchen Refrigeration