Custom commercial cool rooms

Cool Rooms

Brandon Industries specialises in the design, building, and installation of small, medium and large-scale industrial or commercial cool rooms as well as temperature controlled rooms. With several years of experience servicing offering working solutions, the company is in the best position to provide cost-effective, working solutions to all its customers irrespective of the type of industry. Brandon Industries has earned a reputation for excellent workmanship, remarkable customer service, and professionalism.

Custom commercial cool rooms

Specialised technicians

All the technicians working for this commercial cool room Melbourne Company are highly trained and certified to work in the location and its surrounding. Each one of them also has many years of experience repairing and maintaining the various types of refrigerators, ACs, and chillers. So, immediately you contact them they spring to action, delivering effective solutions in record time.

Effective service maintenance strategies

If you are looking for a cool room service provider in Melbourne who can put together a competitive maintenance plan in your cool room, then Brandon industries are ideal for you. The company is widely known for implementing cost-effective strategies guaranteed to increase the reliability of your refrigeration solution.

Good Customer relationship

The company highly regards its reputation with its clients, striving to delight its customers with its service provision. Consequently, the company has been able to increase its customer base but also retain the initial ones due to its great workmanship, wonderful customer service and resolve to always satisfy its customers. Brandon Industries customer support means you have a professional to talk to if your equipment stalls or fails to work properly.

Besides the company providing cost-effective cold room construction, installation, and repair services, Brandon Industries also utilises the latest technology to save you time, energy and money. Products are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet all the safety and working standards and can provides dependable, efficient, long-lasting service. This commercial cold room service provider upholds high safety standards, right from construction to installation as well as ongoing maintenance. If great workmanship and safety of property are your primary concerns, entrust your project to Brandon Industries.

Custom Cool Rooms