Custom commercial kitchen design

What Are Steel Splashback Benches?

Are you running a restaurant, and would you like to have the best benchtops possible? If the answer is yes, you have many reasons to spend a little time and effort learning more about stainless steel splashback benches. These durable, hygienic, and long-lasting benchtops are even starting to appear in many home kitchens across Australia. While there are many benchtops that are good looking and durable, nothing seems to stack up to the benefits of a custom made, stainless steel benchtop with a splashback. Having a splashback as part of the bench, rather than affixed to the wall, means an easier clean-up and reduces the chance of spillage and extra mess.

Why Stainless Steel is the Best Option

Stainless steel is often the most obvious choice for a number of reasons. It is extremely hygienic, long-lasting and durable and most importantly easy to clean. They are simple, and to some extent minimalistic in their look. This means that a stainless steel benchtop can be worked into almost any design.

Custom commercial kitchen design

They Continue To Look New

Stainless steel continues to look clean and fresh even after years of use and, therefore, stainless steel benchtops are typically the best solution for restaurants and other places where benchtops are used regularly and quite roughly. Further, they are also are resistant to corrosion and rusting, which means the quality of the prepared ingredients will be maintained.

They Can Be Customised

It is also easy to customise benches made from stainless steel because it is a highly malleable metal. It can be moulded, shaped, and sized according to specific needs and requirements. Such customisation means that even in a small or strangely shaped fitout, a specially designed stainless steel bench can be fabricated and installed. Therefore if you are running a commercial kitchen with space constraints it makes lot of sense to get a customised solution rather than trying to made do with an ill-fitting stopgap.

Where to get Custom Stainless Steel Benching

Right here, obviously. With over 40 years of experience within the industry, Brandon Industries knows all the typical benching solutions, as well as some odd balls that require a little bit of creative adaptation to in order to suit the particular fitout. If it’s possible, our design team will work it out, and our fabrication team will build it.

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