Custom hot and cold display – showcase your food


Custom Refrigerated Display


Custom heated displays and custom cold displays are both quintessential parts of many commercial kitchens; particularly those that specialise in baked goods, desserts, and so on. A display units are used for both storage and display, so they have to work to very precise specifications as well as look great. There are regulations on food temperature that keep goods safe for consumption, so your display has to be in perfect working order. It also has to look appetising and display your goods in a way that will quickly appeal to a customer’s eye. There are some easy ways to find the best custom heated display for your kitchen.


Style and size


Size is obviously a key requirement that you will be working around. Whether you want a huge display unit with a generous footprint, or a slim tall unit that maximises vertically rather than horizontally, we can custom make whatever type of unit that will suit your needs.


Style is the other thing that you want to consider before you buy. Something might look fantastic in-store but you need to take the rest of the space and design into account. A temperature controlled display has to look both hygienic and inviting to ensure it is a piece of equipment well worth the investment.


Check out a Customised Example



Weighing up the price vs the cost of running


When you shop you might want to save as much money as possible, but it's important that you take the time to research the equipment. A temperature controlled display will use a fair bit of electricity, so investing in one that runs efficiently will often be much cheaper in the long run than buying cheap. It's not always the case, but it's worthwhile comparing a few different designs before you purchase so you end up with a well-structured and great looking commercial kitchen.