Custom commercial kitchen install

Commercial kitchen installation should be designed to provide maximum efficiency, safety, and output. As well as this, the design should reduce the wastage of labour, energy, and materials. It should be designed by a professional commercial kitchen design and installation team that will ensure an energy efficient and productive kitchen. Before starting on the design of the commercial kitchen, you need to decide on the type of food to be served as it is an important aspect that determines the entire design and installation of the equipment required in the commercial kitchen.

It is important to remember to check the required permission needed to construct and install a commercial kitchen. This includes having the building and the room examined thoroughly to ensure that it comes up to code. You should get in touch with the local council as well as receiving a consultation service from health and safety experts. It is essential to have their seal of approval after the designing is complete, to ensure that your commercial kitchen meets the health and safety codes.

How to plan your commercial kitchen fitout

Designing a commercial kitchen should be carried out under the guidance of an experienced architect, and equal importance should be given to the safety and security of the kitchen. Instead of installing high tech gadgets one should install exhaust canopies, proper lighting, hand basins with the adequate supply of hot and cold water, sinks must be provided in preparation, pot wash, and dishwashing areas. Apart from this, importance should also be given to the ceilings, floors, walls, and electrical requirements. The ceiling should be dustproof, smooth-faced and of non-porous material, the floor should be made up of impervious and non-slip material that should be readily and thoroughly cleaned. Adequate drainage facility must be provided. All walls, doors, and surrounds should be promptly cleaned and finished with a smooth, durable and impervious material.

Having necessary and quality equipment in the commercial kitchen is also an important part, and careful planning should be done before purchasing the commercial kitchen equipment. Little planning is required to produce the desired result. The size and efficiency of a fryer, dishwasher, oven or griddle will have the large impact on the running cost and the production capabilities of a commercial kitchen. Before purchasing the kitchen equipment, you should give importance to the various aspect such as cleaning process, warranty periods, safety, production capabilities, size, dimension, cost of operation, energy usage, cost, and so on. All these aspects are an essential part of the designing of the commercial kitchen that will further help to successfully operate different activities in the kitchen that will result in the immense satisfaction of the customers.

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