Custom commercial cool rooms

Air Filtration Hygiene and Reduced Fire Hazard

In a commercial kitchen, lots of air pollutants are constantly getting sucked up by your kitchen canopy. When it comes to grease and food particles, this high volume of pollutants means an increased fire hazard and a slow degradation of the effectiveness of your ventilation system. To keep your custom stainless steel canopy functioning properly, and maintain adequate airflow and hygiene, the correct filtration system needs to be fitted.

No Moving Parts, Much Less Maintenance

An electrostatic filter uses high voltage to change the charge of airborne particles, and doesn’t add any extra fans or moving parts on top of what is already in the exhaust system. The air is simply pulled through the filter, as it would be through any other length of duct, and the electrostatic precipitator removes the contaminants. This also means that the electrostatic filter system is extremely quiet.

Custom commercial cool rooms

Efficient and Effective Air Filtration

The efficiency of the particular electrostatic filtration systems that we use here at Brandon Industries have been tested, in a USA lab, to be 91-96% efficient for a single pass (and calculated to be 99% efficient for a double pass). Different sized units can be installed for commercial kitchens with different levels of air contaminants and filtration requirements.

How Do Electrostatic Filtration Systems Work?

Electrostatic filtration works by ionising the particles that have been brought into the ventilation ducts from the canopy. This basically means that the charge of these particles is put off balance, and the particle is now either positively or negatively charged. Once this is done, the particles are sent though an appropriately charged collector, to which they are naturally attracted. The result is that the particles are stolen from the air, which is then clean and free to be exhausted out.

Commercial Kitchen Filtration Systems