Custom commercial kitchen design

Designing a custom commercial kitchen is great for any restaurant owner. Not only can you design a commercial kitchen setup that fits your business perfectly, you can also ensure that the design is to your taste and suits the overall look of the space. If your kitchen is part of the visual field of the customer, i.e., a customer can watch their food being prepared, you really must make sure that the design of the kitchen fits with your brand. You don’t want diners feeling distracted by the kitchen. Rather, it should add to the atmosphere. With a custom commercial kitchen, you can choose the layout, the equipment, and the style.

Your commercial kitchen setup is in some ways similar to a scaled-up domestic kitchen. However, the difference in scales brings new troubles and new solutions. You have to think about key issues like through-traffic, distance between equipment, and convenient storage areas. Furthermore, unlike a domestic kitchen, you may need specific commercial tools and equipment, depending on what your business is. For instance, a fast food restaurant or ramen house will have entirely different needs to a large commercial kitchen in a hotel. A custom commercial kitchen design will allow you to plan the space better and make good use of any area, even if it’s smaller than you would like (which is often the case, especially starting out). A custom design will work with any existing fittings like gas or water and make everything else flow smoothly.

Custom commercial kitchen fitouts

An important aspect to a commercial kitchen setup is ventilation. In small spaces it’s especially important to make sure that the ventilation works well enough to rid the kitchen of air pollutants, dangerous steam, and to make the environment more pleasant and safe for the kitchen staff. You also want work into the design surfaces and storage areas that are easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel design works great for this purpose and has a nice modern look to it.

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