Planning for your commercial refrigeration


When planning your kitchen the refrigeration is a crucial part. Custom commercial refrigeration is key to profitability: not only does it help in your day to day operations but it will keep your produce and other goods in perfect condition. It's important that you choose refrigeration of the right size. You don't want to waste space that could be used for other things but a crammed fridge or other storage space risks functioning poorly.


Start by measuring

The first step you need to take for your custom commercial refrigeration is to carefully measure and plan the space. The refrigeration is as important as the prep- and cooking areas so don't skimp here. You can often save money by investing in equipment that runs more efficiently than cheaper products since your electricity bills are a significant expense, and especially as you're starting out you need to watch where your money goes.


By taking the space into account you can be sure that you have refrigeration equipment that is well suited to the are and will make it easier for your kitchen to run, regardless of what you create in there.


Custom commercial refrigeration - a must for all commercial kitchens

Restaurant equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, and different commercial kitchens need different things. Cost is, of course, a concern so you may have to plan according to budget rather than just getting exactly what you want. It is, however, an investment, so think carefully about what you buy. Refrigeration is rarely on display the same way the cooking or prep areas might be so you can focus on what it does rather than how it looks. Sometimes you can buy from other operators that are closing or going out of business but there are a lot of issues with that, primarily that you won't have warranties and you don't know how it's been used. Older products might look fine but not function as well as new equipment.


Consider the space, your menu and the equipment's cost to run before you buy and you are guaranteed to have a custom commercial refrigeration setup that enhances your business.


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