Custom commercial kitchen design

It is always to your advantage to have all of the basic kitchen equipment needed to run your business efficiently. If you own a restaurant, or frequently organise events that cater to large groups of people, this basic equipment can be optimised by using custom commercial kitchen equipment. Although you may find a prefab option that suits your need, it is often the case that a customised solution will be more effective and efficient.

At Brandon, we have the knowledge and expertise required to design the appropriate custom kitchen solution. When you approach our team of professionals, your needs will be listened to, analysed, and a layout will be created that suits both the physical space of the room and your vision. Our team can offer advice and suggestions that can help to improve the flow and efficiency of your kitchen.

The purpose of a custom commercial kitchen is to provide a fully functional kitchen that properly caters to the type of food, style of restaurant, customer experience, and, of course, the expected serving/cooking volume. As a professional kitchen design consultant, Brandon’s experience and knowledge of the industry means that the best equipment for certain tasks can be selected, and the pros and cons of any particular machinery is known in advance. Having a solid and effective foundation for your kitchen means that your chefs will able to deliver high-quality meals to your customers on time; this in turn creates a greater chance of establishing a positive reputation early on.

Custom commercial kitchen design

Our range of custom designed and built stainless steel equipment means that almost every part of your commercial kitchen can be suitably tailored to your particular needs. From ductwork to custom vent hoods, mop sinks to workstation benching, as well as cabinets, refrigeration, shelving, and trolleys, our professionals specialise in these key areas: design, build, supply.

It is a huge advantage to use high-quality custom commercial kitchen equipment for your business, and for that equipment to be laid-out in the most efficient and flow-positive way. Relying on a professional kitchen consultant also generally means no operation-seizing surprises after you’re up and running. This is why it is a great idea to approach our professional team and discuss the best solution for your commercial kitchen. There is no substitute for the dual aspects of experience and knowledge when designing your new or renovated kitchen.

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