Custom commercial kitchen design

Stainless steel is a very useful carbon and iron alloy metal. This combination allows the metal to be both very strong and sturdy, it also results in a surface that is easy to clean and hygienic. These are all desirable features for a commercial kitchen bench. Stainless steel equipment is durable, long lasting, unbreakable, and safe; also, unlike wood, steel is free from termite infestations. Perhaps the best thing about steel benches is that they are very enduring. This is because the steel alloy can withstand a lot of knocks, scrapes, pressure, and weight exerted on to it—this is why it is an excellent material for commercial benches.

There are numerous applications for stainless steel benches, both indoor and out. As long as the steel isn’t always covered in water, steel benches make great outdoor equipment, especially in a BBQ area. Indoors, apart from the kitchen, stainless steel benches are also used in laboratories. This is for the same useful qualities the material shows in the kitchen: hygiene, easy-to-clean, robustness, durability. An added advantage is that, in most cases, steel is usually manufactured in such a way that it is stainless and rust resistant.

Stainless steel possesses a unique lustre and is resistant to corrosion, rust, and water stains. The maintenance cost is low, and the material is (theoretically) 100% recyclable. Stainless steel benches are welded onto the frame and the worktop is brushed so that bacteria cannot easily build up in any area. These benches are customisable and the client can specify any particular needs for the design of their stainless steel bench.

Custom commercial kitchen design

Stainless steel benches are shipped after manufacturing and assembling the various parts so they can be used immediately. Some benches have flared feet which permit bolting them to the floor and also includes handy electrical/plumbing outlets. Apart from being durable, these benches have remarkable construction and possess high-tech design which makes them apt to give support to even the heaviest of assemblies.

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Custom Stainless Steel