Custom commercial kitchen design

Both the potential and functionality of a commercial kitchen are significantly influenced by the underlying design and layout plan. In order to improve efficiency, without affecting running cost, you will have to setup your commercial kitchen fitout very carefully. The tips provided in this article can help you in this regard, and thereby potentially increase the profitability of your restaurant.

Purchase and installation of refrigeration units

In order to improve productivity of your commercial kitchen you should buy various refrigeration units, as per the size and needs of your restaurant, and install them perfectly to get the best results. You can buy a walk-in cold room, a refrigerated storage room cunningly placed in your kitchen that will maintain a constant low temperature keeping your food safe and usable. If your restaurant is small then you can buy a large freezer instead of walk-in refrigeration unit. The size of your commercial kitchen freezer depends upon the scope of your business and available space. They are categorised by the number of their doors, and are available in single, double, and triple—or even a customised solution that is perfectly tailored to your fitout. Supplemental refrigeration units and a refrigerated line station can also be an option for your commercial kitchen as it allows your kitchen staff to cool down their preparations before serving them to your customers.

Purchase and installation of storage units

You should storage units to store non-perishable and perishable food items, equipment and dry foods separately. These units can also be custom made by us to use the optimal amount of space and allow for a perfect solution to your kitchen layout.

Purchase and installation of equipment for cooking food

In order to upgrade your commercial kitchen, you will have to buy and install certain commercial kitchen units to help you cook various types of foods; this includes: a HVAC ventilation system, a restaurant grade hood for your commercial cooking range, and a broiler or stove top. The ventilation system will pull out harmful materials and carbon content in the environment of the kitchen, a task aided by the hood that is designed to cover the stove top of the cooking range. Of course, the oven/cooking range that you are purchasing needs to be suited to the particular fitout of your commercial kitchen—a task that we can definitely help with. These units are available in various sizes and are typically classified by their number of burners. Additional equipment may also be necessary, such as a fat grill, convection oven, and a deep fat fryer according to the size and type of your restaurant.

Custom commercial kitchen design

Purchase of small wares and food preparation station

With all of the large machinery carefully selected and ordered within your design layout, the next step is to fill your kitchen with all of the utensils and other smaller items that are necessary for an active kitchen. This includes such items as cutting surfaces, knives, mixing bowls, wooden spoons, and all of the required bench-top equipment. Luckily for you, we have all of that right here, and the acquisition of such items need not be a schlep to another company to pick through some assorted catalogue of kitchen utensils of haphazard quality. Our seasoned sales staff also have a keen eye for items that may have accidentally been left of your commercial kitchen shopping list. The experience and product-knowledge of Brandon Industries is much more valuable than the savings of a few dollars on a set of stainless steel spoons. All of what you need under one roof.

Purchase and installation of sanitation, fire and safety equipment

Apart for the general necessities of a kitchen in regards to preparing food is the occupational health and safety side of things. Proper signage and design elements in your kitchen need, by law, to be properly implemented. Of course, being an old-hand in the commercial kitchen design business, we have had experience with this type of thing and are able to quickly spot deficiencies that aren’t quite up to proper regulation. Also, we have the products you need: from exit signs to custom made ventilation. Oh, and sinks, we also custom make sinks of all shapes and sizes.

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