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Rheninghaus 'SSR1301' Cheese Slicer

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Rheninghausis and has been one of the leading names in Italy since 1950 in the design, developing and manufacturing a wide range of professional machines. Here we present their 'cheese slicer' which also handles meat, nut nothing of higher internal resistance. This slicer is perfect for precision cutting mass food items.

• 650 x 560 x 470h mm
• 300mm Slicer
• Belt Driven

• Manufacturer: Rheninghaus

• Cheese Slicer
• Belt driven 300mm blade
• Cut capacity: 280 x 165x 190 mm diameter
• Cut thickness: 0 - 20mm
• Diameter: 650 x 560 x 470 mm
• Fixed ring guard for extra safety
• Heavy duty belt driven cheese slicer
• Quantanium coated blade, blade cover and regulator plate which eliminates friction and prevents cheese from slowing down motor
• Dual purpose meat and cheese slicer

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