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Exhaust Filtration


Custom Stainless Steel Ventilation

Custom commercial kitchen ventilation, canopy/range-hood & exhaust design and installation. Melbourne based, Australia-wide, we excel in stainless steel fabrication and configurable design. Commercial kitchens produce a lot of steam, odour, fumes, fine grease, gasses, and plenty of other airborne chemicals. Because of this, airflow circulation and extraction becomes vitally important. With all the air-pollutants that can endanger employee safety as well as food quality, it is important to get a suitable, custom-fit, extraction system.

Achieving proper airflow and air-balance comes down to having proper ventilation and extraction systems in place. By choosing a custom designed option, the airflow will be taken into consideration from the start and the balance will be properly configured for the specific kitchen layout.



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Variable Temperature Options

Configurable Dimensions

Multiple-cabinet Design

Food-grade Stainless Steel

Multiple Design Options

Suitable for Different Foods





Kitchen Fitout Specific - Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, and more...

Professional & commercial chef supplies
Outdoor stainless steel kitchen equipment Commercial cooking equipment Commercial kitchen installation Commercial kitchen contractors Melbourne

Kitchen Canopy Fitouts

Cook-line Canopy

The standard canopy design usually covers a row of ovens and is a large unit with built-in lights, fans, filters, and return (make-up) air output. This unit can be designed to fit into a corner as well as installed as an island.

Dishwasher Steam Hood

Not only is a billow of hot steam dangerous, it can also cause structural damage if not properly contained with a steam hood. This may be something as simple as a stainless steel canopy attached to air ducts. Any commercial kitchen dishwasher needs a canopy, and we can make the perfect size to fit any type of dishwasher.

Pizza Oven Hood

A custom made pizza oven exhaust canopy can be made to suit any oven in any fitout. Like other custom canopies, the design will be built to Australian standards and will be created to optimal efficiency with minimal spatial interference.

Food Truck Ventilation

In such a small set-up the ventilation needs to be both smartly designed and interconnected for efficiency. Canopy design will need to conform to Australian standards, but also be mindful of the confined space and allow for maximum movement within the truck as well as capturing all of the air pollutants.





Commercial Kitchen Exhaust, Canopy & Steam Hood Parts


Professional & commercial chef supplies
Outdoor stainless steel kitchen equipment Commercial cooking equipment Commercial kitchen installation Commercial kitchen contractors Melbourne

Custom Canopy Design


All our canopies are made to fit specific design constraints, achieve optimal airflow, and are built to Australian Standard AS1668.2. Different fitouts will require different types of canopies, more of which can be found here.


Ducts can be as simple or complex as they need to be. A heritage listed site may need to be carefully designed and installed to ensure minimal building interference. This may include using special-made ducts that perfectly fit the environment.


Kitchen exhaust fans have to be able to durable items that can withstand high temperatures and can withstand the demands of commercial kitchen exhaust services. Anti-vibration mechanisms are installed to reduce both noise pollution and damage to the unit itself.


Perhaps not as vital as filters, grills add a certain amount of character to the canopy and can change the look of the fitout. They are necessary for reasons of safety and hygiene.

Exhaust Exit

Usually not seen, the exhaust exit is normally located on top of the kitchen roof and is designed to be simple and get the job done. With proper filters in place, the exhaust will predominantly consist of hot air.

Stainless Steel LED

Good lighting is important in a kitchen, and an easy to clean, IP66 rated LED built right into the kitchen canopy is an excellent solution. With a colour temp. of 5000k, the light offers pure white illumination.



Air Filtration Systems

  • Clean air
  • Destroy grease
  • Custom Solution
  • Variable Capacity


  • Commercial restaurant kitchens built to local council regulations.
  • Experienced commercial kitchen shopfitter.
  • Smooth and effective work with open communication.


  • Best possible restaurant fitout solution within budget.
  • Functionality driven design; durable kitchen with maximised work-flow.
  • Emphasis on efficiency: “form follows function”.


  • Careful design process with verification.
  • Stainless steel fabrication and manufacture.
  • In-house, experienced fabrication team.


  • Equipment transportation and installation.
  • Communicative sales team oversees process.
  • Projected on time and with minimal disruption.




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Completed Designs

Completed Designs

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Kitchen Types and Markets

Kitchen Types and Markets

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Stainless Steel Design

Stainless Steel Design

Design, fabrication and delivery of custom stainless steel.




6-Step Process

6-Step Process

From the initial idea to finance, design and fruition.






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