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Pans and Woks

Aluminium, steel, and "black iron" variations of the frying pan

The frying pan is an ancient tool that can be traced back to 4th century BCE and has changed very little to the present day. After the relatively recent discovery of stainless steel, in the early 20th century CE, a perfect material was finally found for the age-old design. While there are still aluminium as well as the more traditional iron variations, it is the stainless steel frying pan that dominates today's commercial kitchen frypans.

It is not only the frying pan that has deep historical roots. The wok is also a piece of cooking equipment with a long history, although its story is somewhat more clouded and the roots semi-unknown. Despite this historical mystery, we have plenty of woks in stock since it is a versatile and excellent kitchen tool.

Some of the most ancient cookware built with modern materials and standards

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