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Stockpots and Saucepans

Pots and pans for making stock, sauce, broth, and more!

The stockpot is a common type of equipment that can be found in almost every kitchen, especially a commercial kitchen. Many complex recipes start with a broth or stock that is made in the stockpot; the process of simmering unlocking all of the different flavours and letting them meld together as the chef sees fit.

A saucepan is similar in function, although as the name suggests it is more suited to a thicker sauce than the thinner broth or stock. The main difference is that the saucepan doesn’t necessarily have a lid, and the handle is a long single piece rather than the dual handles of the stockpot that are mainly used for transportation. This allows the saucepan to be stirred more easily because it provides an anchor point.

See our stock below that includes aluminium, stainless steel, lidless, big, and small saucepans and stockpots

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