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Custom Stainless Steel Trolleys (Jump to Retail)

A high quality trolley is important for an efficient kitchen. Our custom made stainless steel trolleys are smooth to push, durable, and can be modified to your specifications. They can be fabricated as stand-alone units or be built into a custom stainless steel setup designed for your commercial kitchen fitout.


Stainless Steel Equipment Trolley

Stainless Steel Rack Trolley

Stainless Steel Service Trolley

Stainless Steel Gastronorm Trolley

Stainless Steel Bakery Trolley

Stainless Steel Fry Basket Trolley

Stainless Steel Tiered Trolley

Stainless Steel Specialised Trolley

Stainless Steel Clearing Trolley

Stainless Steel Medication Trolley

Stainless Steel Storage Trolley

Stainless Steel Dressing Trolley

Configurable Dimensions

One of the most important aspects of kitchen equipment is how much floor-space certain units take up. Having a custom made unit means that it can be built to varying specification that suit the unique needs of your kitchen or servery.

Food-grade Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a hallmark of custom kitchen equipment because of its strength, versatility, hygiene, and low price. This means the units are durable, solid, and well-priced.


Equipment designed for aged-care use is especially made with ease-of-use in mind and have a durable, robust design that deters spilling and avoids easy damage. The trolleys are hardy so that they will not impede service.


Hospital equipment needs to be hygienic, easy to clean, and functional in a specialised way. This is why a custom made stainless steel trolley, for medicine, storage, dressing, and so on, is the best way to go. Medical trolleys for pharmaceutical and other applications.

Learning Centres

Education and learning centres are of course filled with people using kitchen equipment for the first time. This means that they may not be using things correctly, or could accidentally damage the equipment. A robust and durable trolley can take a hit and continue to be used in classroom.


Those who work in a restaurant are used to the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen. Trolleys are needed to function, and high-quality customised trolleys are needed to function efficiently. A properly configured trolley will optimise workflow.





Prefab Stainless Steel Trolleys (Jump to Custom)


If the trolley solution you need doesn’t need to be specific, our list of pre-fabricated stainless steel items may offer the appropriate solution. These items come in a predetermined range of sizes and designs. For the most efficient and optimised solution, head up to the custom trolley section to see configurable, customisable options that will perfectly fit your kitchen.



Equipment Categories

Prefab Trolleys

Maybe a one-size-fits-all trolley will suit your needs

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Custom Benching

Need a benchtop on that cabinet? Have a custom one made.

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Take a look at all of our prefabricated trolleys.

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Completed Designs

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Kitchen Types and Markets

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Stainless Steel Design

Stainless Steel Design

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6-Step Process

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