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An optimised workspace is crucial to having a kitchen with a good flow and efficient output. Installing custom fitted benches means that the fitout will be properly tailored to the kitchen layout. Easy to clean, hygienic, stainless steel benches are vital to the efficacy of any commercial kitchen.







Custom Stainless Steel Bench Options

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Our custom benches can be built to almost any chosen dimensions. This means your custom stainless steel can be wide or thin, tall or squat, deep or shallow. Of course, generally the height is industry standard and the width and depth are determined by the spatial dimensions of the kitchen. Aside from general workspace benches, we excel at infill and all sorts of benching solutions.

Corner Bench

Corner benches are a staple of kitchen design. They smoothly connect two intersecting walls and maximise space optimisation as well as storage capability. Despite being a corner piece, these benches can be configured with different options that extend the functionality of that part of the kitchen.

Wet Bench

Wet benches are specially designed with a raised edge that prevents spillage and contains any liquids in the bench catchment rather than allowing anything to spill onto the floor. Like dry benches this specific type of bench remains easy to clean, hygienic, as well as durable and robust.

Dry Bench

A dry bench is the standard type of stainless steel kitchen bench. It has a flat surface with no raised edge and offers a clean and clear workspace with no extra frills (unless you want to add extra configurable functionality).





Specific Configuration Options


Professional & commercial chef supplies
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Sinks & Insets

A sink can easily be added to a custom stainless steel bench. Since a tap and sink combo is a necessary feature of any commercial kitchen we at Brandon have copious amounts of experience designing, fabricating, and installing custom stainless steel benching with sink and other inset options. This includes holes for offcut refuse and anything else needed.


To keep the flow and efficiency of the kitchen as smooth as possible, the custom stainless steel benches are configured to be at the right level and depth as dishwashers. This makes it quick and easy to load up dirty dishes as well as pull out clean racks. There are many different dishwasher designs, and we can make benching to suit any of them.


Commercial kitchens vary in their overall fitout design as well as the underlying functionality required by their intended food production. As such, the custom stainless steel benching has to be able to be adapted to a wide range of roles. We have plenty of experience with all types of kitchen fitouts and can make a stainless steel bench that will be the solution to your kitchen workspace requirements.

Shelves / Accessories

Need some shelving atop or above your custom stainless steel bench? Need cabinets underneath? Storage racks? Any other type of bench accessory? There are so many options to configure your custom bench into the perfect solution for your kitchen fitout. If you aren’t sure exactly what to pursue but know what you need, ask one of our team and we’ll know the right solution for the problem.





Our Custom Product Services

Professional & commercial chef supplies
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Navigating the appropriate requirements (in accordance with Australian standards) can be tricky for those coming into commercial kitchen design for the first time. Our team has had plenty of experience with both a myriad of different fitouts and designing for the standardised requirements. This means that we can relay important information to keep our client abreast of necessary design choices.


The design of commercial kitchen equipment is a balance between what is physically and financially possible and the original vision of the client. At Brandon Industries, we strive to maintain a functionally driven design that is as close to the original idea as possible. However, we also keep an emphasis on efficiency, optimisation, and the principle of “form follows function”.


After the plans have been made, the unit designed and eventually fabricated, the next step is to get the product installed. We take care of this process and work with you have it done on time and with minimal disruption.


After the design has been created and verified, our dedicated fabrication team work to quickly and effectively make the appropriate components and assemble them into the finished product which is then ready to be delivered and installed.







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Completed Designs

Completed Designs

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Kitchen Types and Markets

Kitchen Types and Markets

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Stainless Steel Design

Stainless Steel Design

Design, fabrication and delivery of custom stainless steel.




6-Step Process

6-Step Process

From the initial idea to finance, design and fruition.







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