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Mixed-temperature Display Cabinet



Refrigerated displays don’t have to be a “one size fits all” design. Rather than getting one cabinet to maintain a particular temperature, and another cabinet for a slightly lower temperature, and yet another for an ambient display, the best option is to custom-build a cabinet that can maintain all three individual temperatures. The refrigerated display shown below has three individual sections that maintain individual temperatures. The large, refrigerated bottom section has two compartments, one set to 2°C and the other at 5°C. On top of this section, which is all behind one continuous piece of glass, is an ambient top compartment.






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Custom Cake Display


Continuous Glass Front

This unit has both a single-glazed and two double-glazed sections that are contained behind the same continuous front section of glass. This makes the overall appearance smooth, sleek, and contained.


  • Single glass front
  • Multiple inner sections
  • Mixed-glazed design





Customised Display Features

  • Dynamic, fan-forced circulation
  • Three temperature independent compartments
  • Solid, continuous glass front
  • Double-glazed refrigerated section
  • Single-glazed ambient top section
  • Brushed stainless steel finish

Rather than the entire unit being double-glazed, and a separate glass display case simply placed on top, this cabinet is one discrete unit that offers a more professional, sleek, and clean look to the environment.


Custom Cake Display





Custom Cake Display


Specific Custom Features

This is one particular design that was created for a client’s specific needs. Similar designs can easily be made with adjustable features and a differing number of sections. If you come to us with a design, we can made a 3D CAD drawing of the cabinet and, once the design is finalised, we can fabricate it, calibrate it, and send it to your location.


  • Customisable number of sections
  • Variable section temperature
  • Customisable dimensions
  • Variable glaze options





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