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Hobart 'EDGE' Medium Duty Safety Slicer

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Hobart turns heads in every kitchen it is installed. The manufacturer's focus on development of top quality high performance machines is incomparable. Often, slicers are not operated by experts and the slightest mistake could lead to unattractive outcomes. The Hobart Edge addresses this issue and has been designed and created to be safe and easy to both use and clean. On top of all the safety features, the knife drive motor is especially good for cutting cheese.


• 429H x 641W x 508D mm

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• Knife size: 305mm (12inch)
• Speeds: Single speed
• Maximum cut: 14mm thick
• Carriage capacity: 273mm wide / 194mm high
• Safety:
-Blade ring guard
-Gauge plate interlock
-Carriage interlock
-Blade shield when sharpener removed
• Drive mechanism: Poly V-belt with tensioner
• Motor size: 0.37kW (1/2 h.p.)
• Power supply: 240/50/1 - 10amp (max 3.5amps)
• Power cord: Plug & cord - single phase


• Operator safety, durability and sanitation
• 0.37kW (1/2 h.p.) knife drive motor - better with cheese
• Gauge plate (slice thickness) interlock - no exposed knife when carriage is removed
• Permanently mounted knife ring guard - maximum safety when cleaning
• Large product tray - slices items up to 273mm in length and 187mm in diameter
• Maximum slice thickness - 14mm
• Carriage system easily removed for cleaning
• Long life Borazon sharpening and truing stone - easily removed and dishwasher safe
• Sanitary anodized aluminium base, carriage and knife cover
• Removable large under knife deflector
• Ergonomically mounted meat grip handle

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