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Hobart 'HS9' Heavy-Duty Safety Slicer

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Hobart turns heads in every kitchen it is installed. The manufacturers focus on development of top quality high performance machines goes further then most with lists of patents and tirelessly tested materials forming every product. When you buy a Hobart you can rest assured that your equipment is far above standard and will remain that way for a long time. The HS9 is proof of that with it's durability and safety making it the head of it's class.
• 692H x 664W x 562D mm
For more information on slicers please enquire at Brandon

• Knife size: 330mm (stainless steel)
• Speeds Variable: 64speed automatic
• Strokes lengths: 3 different
• Maximum cut: 25mm thick
• Carriage capacity: 305mm wide / 190mm diameter
• Safety:
-Knife ring guard
-Gauge plate interlock
-Carriage interlock
-"Home" position to start
-No volt release
• Drive mechanism: Heavy-duty poly V-belt
• Motor size: 0.37kW
• Power supply: 240/50/1 - 10amp
• Power cord: Plug & cord - single phase
• Shipping weight: 67kg

• Operator safety is Number 1 combined with, durability, sanitation and performance
• 330mm stainless steel CLEAN CUTTM 100% REMOVABLE
KNIFE for ease of cleaning and maximum hygiene
• 0.37kW heavy-duty knife drive motor
• Variable 4 speed automatic carriage
• 3 different stroke lengths
• Gauge plate (slice thickness) interlock - gauge plate must be closed to remove carriage
• No volt release - if power fails or plug is removed slicer must be switched on again to re-start
• Carriage system interlock - gauge plate indicator must be closed to open or remove
• Carriage system able to be tilted open or easily removed for cleaning
• "Home” position to start—for operator safety carriage must be in home position to start machine
• Borazon stone long life sharpening attachment
• Sanitary & heavy-duty stainless steel gauge plate, carriage face plate and knife cover
• Sanitary anodized aluminium base
• Permanently mounted knife ring guard - maximum safety when cleaning
• Crank handle arm to raise machine for cleaning underneath
• Removable under knife deflector
• Optional accessories - Low fence and food chute

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