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LUUS 'WL-2C2B' Waterless Wok

Product Code: WL-2C2B

Availability: In stock

Standard Features:
• Chimney Burners powered by 24 jets at 110mj/hr (120mj/hr LPG)
• Duckbill Burners - 18 jets at 99mj/hr (87mj/hr LPG)
• Dual Ring Burners - 54mj/hr (56mj/hr LPG)
• Flame Failure & Pilot standard with Chimney, Duckbill and Ring Burners (FFD optional extra for open burners on WL-2C2B)
• Innovative ‘air gap’ and heat shield design allows excess heat to escape around ring, eliminating the need for water cooling
• Knee operated timer tap activates a 15 second water flow (approximately 1.5 litres) from laundry arm minimising water wastage
• Front gutter design for easier cleaning and maintenance
• Heavy duty, full skirt, enamelled cast iron rings
• Internal panel protects user and wok controls from heat damage
• Sturdy steel frame construction for longer lasting durability
• Modular design to suit multiple units of woks for a uniform kitchen
• 15 month parts and labour ‘Platinum Warranty’

Optional Extras:
• Flame Failure & Pilot for open burners (WL-2C2B only)
• Side shields
• Clip on shelves
• Joining strips and caps for multiple units
• Noodle Bar Kit – for noodle takeaway set ups
• Available in Natural Gas and LPG

• Dimensions 1500x850x1300high
• Water connection (W) 1/2” copper 
• Drain connection (D) 2” BSP male 
• Gas connection (G) 3/4” BSP male 
• Gas output 260mj/hr Nat, 286mj/hr LPG

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