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NOAW 'NS250HD' Heavy Duty Slicer

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The NOAW company has been in the food service industry for over 40 years and has partnered with Roband whom share similar goals. A dedication to innovation, engineering quality and simplicity. The NOAW gravity fed slicers from Italy have an anodized aluminium body for stability and easy transport, along with full blade ring guards for protection, self sharpening blades etc.

• Heavy duty
• (WDH) 630 x 440 x 460 mm

Noaw Slicer
• Heavy Duty Manual Feed
• Model: NS250HD
• Belt driven food slicers for efficient and consistent food slicing
• Three sizes available offering blade diameter of 250 mm, 300 mm, or 350 mm, providing different food cut heights and lengths
• Ideal for larger deli's, restaurants and supermarkets for slicing all types of meat for long periods with ease
• Designed and made in Italy
• 2 years full warranty covering parts and labour 
• Blade Diameter: 250 mm (10")
• Height of cut:  170 mm
• Length of cut:  260 mm
• Slice of thickness: 0 - 13 mm
• Blade speed: 310 RPM
• 2 amps
• Dimensions: 590 x 430 x 410 mm

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