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Starting a Commercial Kitchen Fitout

Brandon offers consultancy, design, and fabrication services all under one roof.

Configurable refrigeration units • Custom-made stainless steel kitchen equipment • Whole kitchen layout design







Small Commercial Kitchen Guide

Here's what you do...

Have at least a rough idea of your menu.

Secure yourself a location.

Work out a budget.

Get in contact with us.

...and here's what we do...

Initial consultation.

Site measurements.

Find the best equipment for your kitchen.

Create an initial layout plan.

Design custom stainless steel equipment.

Work out cost, savings, and finance options.

Create 3D CAD images.

Fabricate custom stainless steel equipment.

Organise delivery & installation.

...and together

Verify the layout / plans.

Plan delivery & installation timing.












Details and More Information

Small commercial kitchen design element: flow

Kitchen Flow

When designing a commercial kitchen, one of the most important factors to consider is the functionality and flow of the workspace.


Small commercial kitchen design element: equipment selection

Equipment Selection

An investment in restaurant equipment is an investment in business, and Brandon Industries will help you find the best equipment for your budget.


Small commercial kitchen design element: flow

Government Regulations

When building a commercial kitchen, there are a lot of safety and hygiene regulations. With 40+ years of experience, we know all the ins and outs.


Small commercial kitchen design element: equipment selection

Kitchen Finance

Silver Chef has finance options tailor-made for commercial kitchens, with 100% tax-deductable payments. Learn more.


Small commercial kitchen design element: flow

Cost & Budget

We calculate the total cost so that it complies with your budget. Working out the best possible start will give your business the best chance to flourish.


Small commercial kitchen design element: equipment selection

Energy & Resource Efficiency

Having the correct equipment means that you will save both space and energy. This means a more streamlined use of resources and an effective kitchen.



More Details & Resources

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    How much does a commercial kitchen cost?

    Commercial kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, and outputs. There are many factors to consider, including: type of service, menu, budget, design, and so on. We offer estimations and quotes on your kitchen tender and can offer competitive pricing on custom stainless steel items. Despite the variation of price, there is a way to finance equipment in order to free up money for the design & installation stage. Learn more about Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy® system and 100% tax deductable rental payments by following the button below.

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    What size commercial kitchen will be suitable for my restaurant?

    The size of a commercial kitchen depends on various factors including the maximum number of customers that can be served and the different kinds of meals on offer. The kitchen of your restaurant should be proportionate to its seating capacity, factoring in the average space needed by your chefs in order to prepare and cook the meals. We can give you more nuanced details pertinent to your specific fitout, as this kind of information is very much derived from the locational context and your own personal vision.

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    Why should I use custom fabricated stainless steel equipment?

    Both the size and flow of a commercial kitchen are very important factors when it comes to efficiency and output. The better the design, the higher the output. Custom designed equipment is the best solution when it comes to space and functionality.

Council Requirements for Commercial Kitchens

According to the state government of Victoria, all food businesses (i.e., "any organisation that sells food or drink") "must be registered through their local council and follow regulations to ensure that the food they sell is safe to eat".1

All food businesses must be classified, according to the food safety risk of the business2, and must have a Food Act 1984 registration from their registering council before trading3. Across Australia, food premises must be up to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (Standard 3.2.3 [F2012C00774]). This standard ensures “that, where possible, the layout of the premises minimises opportunities for food contamination”4.

There are many council requirements for commercial kitchens (which differ from state to state). These are necessary to attend to when starting a commercial kitchen / food business. We have many years of experience with these regulations and we can help to streamline the process for you.



1 Victoria State Government, Starting a food business <LINK>

2 Victoria State Government, Starting a food business - what you need to know <LINK>

3 Ibid

4 Australian Government, Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code - Standard 3.2.3 - Food Premises and Equipment <LINK> (download)




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Small Commercial Kitchen Design Services

Professional & commercial chef supplies
Commercial kitchen contractors Melbourne Commercial kitchen installation Outdoor stainless steel kitchen equipment Commercial kitchen design


Commercial restaurant kitchens, including those for small kitchens, have to be built in accordance with certain design principles and Australian standards. Our team has had plenty of experience with all sorts of different fitouts and design requirements. This means that we can work smoothly and effectively, as well as relay any important information to the client.


The design of quality kitchen equipment strikes a balance between the best possible solution for the fitout and what is physically and financially possible. At Brandon Industries, we strive to maintain a functionality driven design that will result in a robust, durable kitchen with maximised work-flow. We emphasise efficiency, optimisation, and the principle of “form follows function”.


After the plans have been made, the units and equipment have been designed and fabricated, the next step is to get the equipment transported and installed. We take care of this process and work with you have it done on time and with minimal disruption to your business.


After the design has been created and verified, our dedicated fabrication team work to quickly and effectively make the appropriate components and assemble them into the finished product which is then ready to be delivered and installed.





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Completed Designs

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Kitchen Types and Markets

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Stainless Steel Design

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6-Step Process

6-Step Process

From the initial idea to finance, design and fruition.







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