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Triple A 'M374' Square Divided Deep Plate (per Two)

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Product Code: M374

Triple A has a large variety of high-quality tableware, bakeware, and serving ceramic. Their twenty-year long commitment to the hospitality industry has ensured a sleek and elegant style that will complement and enhance the food presented on their wares.


• Dimensions: 295 x 45 mm

• Colour: White


This dish has the standard set-up of a divided plate: a square plate with four evenly divided sections. However, to make this particular item a little different, each of the sections has a taper that can be used to fill the plate in different and novel ways. Perhaps stacking chips, bread, or other dippers in a circular pattern or else filling it up with things like olives that will roll towards the bottom rather than remain separated in their partition.


• Commercial grade fine porcelain.

• Microwave and oven safe.

• Tested Product.

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