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Triple A 'M675' Square Sauce Dish (per Dozen)

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Product Code: M675

Triple A has a large variety of high-quality tableware, bakeware, and serving ceramic. Their twenty-year long commitment to the hospitality industry has ensured a sleek and elegant style that will complement and enhance the food presented on their wares.


• Dimensions: 65 x 25 mm

• Colour: White


This little square sauce dish is a simple item. There isn't too much to say about it that you can't immediately tell by looking at it, other than it is very well-priced. The little dish will do what it is supposed to do, hold whatever sauce you are to serve, and will continue to do it until you either decide to change your theme or somebody drops it from a extreme height.


• Commercial grade fine porcelain.

• Microwave and oven safe.

• Tested Product.

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