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Woodson 'W.GTQI.4' Toaster Griller

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Product Code: W.GTQI.4

Woodson are one of Australia's original counter-top equipment manufacturers (circa 1954) and now produce large stand alone units. Everything they produce is made in their state of the art manufacturing facility in Brisbane and is vigorously tested before departure. This unit is a functional, flexible, and reliable piece of commercial equipment. The i-series has been improved upon and have become faster and have attained better heat distribution.


• Multi-Function

• 4 Slice

• Glass Element

Standard Features

• Unique infrared glass elements with increased strength and durability providing long lasting reliability.
• Incredibly even heat distribution for consistent cooking results.
• Infrared elements provide immediate heat, with no need to leave the appliance running all day wasting energy.
• Top and bottom elements with energy saving option of top element operation only.
• New, multiple position slides and rack for easier and safer loading and unloading.
• Extremely reliable - no troublesome fans or electronics.
• Timer controlled operation only, guarantees power saving.
• Stainless steel construction with new brushed finish.
• Easily cleaned removable crumb tray.


• Width 615 mm
• Depth 360 mm
• Height 335 mm


• Weight: 16 kg


• 10 Amps
• 2.2 kW

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