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Commercial kitchens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, the most important difference between any type of kitchen involves its function and the role it plays in the bigger picture. A particular kitchen may be designed for a small café, or high-capacity restaurant, or non-profit learning centre, or even an aged-care facility. Brandon Industries has experience with all types of kitchen for all types of clients.



Restaurants need high-capacity, high-functionality kitchens to keep up with the influx of patrons. We have worked with many restaurants (such as 25 Toorak Road and Rozzi's) and know all the importance of the design, layout, and equipment selection for a commercial kitchen of this calibre.

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Cafés and Bars

Cafés and bars may need as powerful machines compared to the larger class of restaurant kitchens, but their typically smaller size means that the design needs to be more carefully managed and planned. Because a café kitchen is able to been seen by the patrons, we do our utmost to maintain the client's vision.

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Commercial Kitchen Builders

It is a simple fact that without builders there is no possibility for a kitchen to be made. Our aim is for clear and direct communication between the team here at Brandon and the builders involved in the creation of commercial kitchens. We are always happy to hear from new builders that want to build a kitchen.

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Franchise & Fast-food

We have experience dealing with franchise / quick service restaurant kitchens and understand the design process and fabrication requirements well. For a quick service restaurant, the focus has to be on speed and efficiency. The flow of the floor plan has to be carefully considered and optimised.

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Aged-care kitchens aren’t too different from any other, however, it does need to be designed to suit special healthcare products that are larger than normal equipment. There is also the consideration that many of the patrons usually like to be able to peer into the kitchen and see what’s going on.

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Kitchen Equipment Supply

If you don’t need us to work with you on the design of your kitchen, and you’re just after particular kitchen equipment for a specific job, we will be happy to help you out. If you know what you want it’s as easy as calling up and ordering. If you are unsure, our experienced sales team can help you find the right machine.

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Schools and Learning Centres

Robust equipment is needed when the kitchen is for students. High-quality, hardy units are best, and the design layout has to take into consideration the budding spatial awareness of the chefs-to-be. Functionality is the most important feature, and we are experienced in developing the necessary plans.

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General Kitchenware Supply

After a kitchen has been imagined, designed, and built the next step is to fill it with all of the small items such as pots & pans, spatulas, chopping boards, ladles, and everything in between. All the kitchenware you need, we stock—and most of it is displayed in our showroom. All of these things can be found and ordered through our website.

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Project Management, Specialty Kitchen Projects Custom Stainless Steel, Preparation and Installation Design and Fitout, Finance and Rent-to-Buy


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