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Caveman 1961

Commercial Business

Korean cuisine has a long and extensive history, changing and adapting from its traditional cultural starting place and finding its way into the metropolitan culinary landscape of today. Perhaps from the inception, chicken has been an important part of Korean cooking as well as the surrounding mythology. As such, Korean fried chicken is a common and actively sought after dish.

Caveman 1961 serves traditional dishes as well as double-fried, extra crunchy, Korean fried chicken. Atop the delectable food and the personable owner, Caveman has top ratings for food safety and is fully licenced. It is a perfect place to crunch into a piece of expertly prepared chicken, refresh with a cold beer, and enjoy the luxury of being alive in this world.

  • Designed for chicken
  • Flow and ease
  • Stainless Steel






Trackside Noodle Bar (Sandown)

Commercial Business

A typical noodle bar has a small sized kitchen that is right up the front so that hungry passers-by not only smell the enticing aroma of frying seasoned noodles, but get to see the cooking process in action. Because of this, it is of vital importance that the design fitout maximises the usable space and works in the correct machinery for the job.

Our design team here at Brandon drew-up a layout that featured, among other things, custom benches, custom shelves, custom worktops, and custom canopies that enabled optimal space, manoeuvrability, and functionality within this noodle bar kitchen. These specifically designed items were then fabricated right here before being cleanly installed at Sandown Racecourse.

  • Efficient Design and Install
  • Maximised Space Usage
  • Custom Designed Items






Bendigo Community Aged Care Facility

Aged Care Facility

Croft Developments specialises in design, development, and construction of all sorts of aged care facilities throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory. For many years Croft has been developing both aged care facilities and their own expertise in building these facilities. Because of this, they know exactly who to trust with their kitchen needs.

The Bendigo community aged care facility is a state-of-the-art facility with a total of 144 beds. As such, the kitchen has been designed for that particular capacity. This is reflected in the fast and efficient pass-through dishwasher, the many sinks and ample bench space, as well as the continuous boiling water systems that will make sure tea and coffee production will never suffer.

  • Built to Specific Requirements
  • Spacious Design
  • Stainless Steel






The Beau - Kitchen & Cellar

Commercial Business

Imagine yourself on a relaxed Sunday afternoon. The sun is falling gently on your shoulders and there is a slightly salty, cool breeze softly reminding you that the beach is right across the road. Only now you start to notice the deep rumbling of waves breaking upon the rocky shore of Beaumaris beach. The subdued tones of the Beau help you to slip into a dream-laced reverie. A waiter approaches and talks you through their extensive selection of wine and light food.

An atmosphere such as this would be ruined by kitchen equipment that is too loud or that will release billows of steam into the building, heating up the customers who have slipped out of the sun and into the shade. The team here at Brandon understands that specific establishments need special kinds of equipment and kitchenware. We work hard to make sure that these needs are met.

  • Specifically Selected Machinery
  • Location Specific Design
  • Carefully Utilised Space






Rozzi’s Italian Canteen

Commercial Business

When somebody mentions authentic Italian food already the imagination fills with the delicate blend of vine-ripened tomatoes, home-grown rosemary and basil, as well as wild porcini mushrooms, cask-aged balsamic vinegar, and silky smooth extra-virgin olive oil. This distinct collection of traditional flavours and textures is what people call “real Italian food”, and although there may be no little Italian nonna cooking in the kitchen, this is what Rozzi’s serves up to its customers.

Of course, just as selecting the correct ingredients is important, so too is the way in which these ingredients are blended, chopped, mixed, cooked, stirred, and eventually presented. Although perhaps not as romantic as an Italian knowledge of food, we here at Brandon Industries have an extensive knowledge of equipment for a commercial sized kitchen. Our experience can help you find the right sized equipment that will provide the right amount of power for the right price.

  • Balanced Design and Function
  • Machinery to Customer Ratio
  • Environment Specific Fit-out






Boost Juice (RCH)

Commercial Business

Fresh juice and smoothies made from ripe, crunchy, colourful produce can’t just be created with any old set up. Those familiar with the Boost Juice brand likely know that quality drinks are made using quality machinery. It only stands to reason that a popular juice bar needs to have the capability to produce a high volume of well-blended, smoothly crushed, thoroughly stirred drinks quickly and efficiently.

Brandon Industries was more than happy to provide the necessary fit out; replete with carefully selected machines, precisely fitted benches, and a well-planned layout that maximises functionality. Taking the role of both designer and project manager, Brandon Industries ensures the client gets what they need.

  • Carefully Selected Machinery
  • Maximised Floor Design
  • Project Managed






Sauced Pasta Bar (Chadstone)

Commercial Business

Sauced Pasta Bar offers its customers rich, fresh, nutritionally balanced meals that are steeped in tradition. This means that the kitchen fit-out has to have the correct equipment laid out in the correct way. The team at Brandon Industries worked hard with Sauced to make sure that they had top-notch pasta cookers, ample space for their various sauces, and the right workbench area for the particular happenings of an Italian-style kitchen.

The centralised cooking design means that the kitchen can be easily manoeuvred within, minimising the chance of congestion and lowering the heartbreaking potential of having al dente pasta with beautifully seasoned sauce dropped on the floor.

  • Custom Designed Food Displays
  • Carefully Laid Out Floor Space
  • Specifically Italian Fit-Out






Royal Supermarket (RCH)

Commercial Business

Royal Supermarket is a well-designed shop that offers a wide range of products and services. Among the many offerings is a cosy nook full of breads and cakes, a spacious and sweeping fridge holding all sorts of juices and milks, and a fresh produce section full of all the various colours and shapes of a bustling market-place.

The floor space has been used in a way that tricks the eye into believing that there is much more room than the measurements would lead you to believe. This, of course, has been maximised by selecting the appropriate fridges and food displays as to fully work into the space provided.

  • Supermarket Fridges and Freezers
  • Custom Designed Food Displays
  • Multi-function Design






25 Toorak Road

Commercial Business

25 Toorak Road is a restaurant focused on style and substance. They describe themselves as “one part neighbourhood café, and one part elegant bistro”. This evenly spread constitution means that emphasis is evenly balanced between the taste and the look of the food that is presented within the carefully designed setting of the pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

Of course, when the quality of food such a high priority, the kitchen has to be up to a particular standard. At Brandon we understand this balance and work with the restaurant to design an extremely well-suited kitchen that matches the particular environment and functionality originally envisioned.

  • Busy Commercial Environment
  • High Functionality Design
  • Designed for Chefs




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