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Custom Stainless Steel

Custom stainless steel for commercial kitchens


Two important factors in any commercial kitchen design are: 1) everything has to fit together to maximise functionality, and 2) everything has to be both hygienic and easily cleaned. The most robust and effective solution to these design specifications is custom stainless steel. That is why our focus here at Brandon is on creating flexible, unique and specific designs for kitchen-grade stainless steel.

  • Customisable Dimensions
  • Configurable Design
  • Multiple Options

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Custom designs based on client’s needs

Custom commercial kitchen design


After many years working with clients to provide stainless steel solutions for various commercial kitchen fitouts, our process has become streamlined and fluid. The engineering team have a vast theoretical knowledge of the many properties and uses for the material, while our fabrication team have strong know-how and experience from putting this theoretical knowledge into its practical application.

  • Consultation
  • Design Experience
  • Project Management

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CAD drawings inc. elevations & services


When designing a commercial kitchen with us you will be placing your budding kitchen ideas in the capable hands of our expert teams. This allows your project the benefits of: the wide knowledge of brands coupled with the deep knowledge of equipment of our sales team; the meticulous and exacting nature of our design team; and the hands-on talent and craftsmanship of our fabricators.

  • Visualise your Kitchen
  • Technical Drawing
  • Easy to Ammend

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Project management

Commercial kitchen project management


Our team is familiar with all of the hurdles of creating a commercial kitchen: tweaking the initial idea to fit the location; constraining the plans to ensure well utilised space; balancing design and function; custom designing units to fit the plan; navigating government regulations; and even ordering the correct amount of kitchen utensils. When you team up with Brandon, you will have an experienced guide for the creation of your commercial kitchen. We plan and design, undertake project management, organise installation and delivery, organise finance options, maintain a dialogue with the client, and deal with virtually every part of the commercial kitchen creation process.

  • Efficient Design and Install
  • Maximised Space Usage
  • Custom Designed Items

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Restaurant Refurbishment

Commercial restaurant refurbishment


Commercial kitchen refurbishment is very similar to a regular fitout, only with a few more design constraints. We have had plenty of experience dealing with both kinds of project and will bring this knowledge to your current project. This allows us to foresee and avoid common pitfalls, as well as safeguard against the usual problems and difficulties tied to commercial kitchen fitouts.

  • Equipment Selection
  • Project Management
  • Expert Advice

Kitchen Design Overview



Specialty Kitchen Design and Fitout


Brandon Industries was founded right here in Moorabbin in 1975. More than 40 years of experience within the industry has bequeathed upon us the knowledge and know-how that allows for optimal design and fabrication of specific commercial kitchen fitouts. As evidenced by our completed fitouts, which can be viewed in detail, we have a wide history of designing kitchens for differing clients. The areas that these clients come from vary from cafés and restaurants to aged-care facilities and not-for-profits.

  • Optimal use of Space
  • Efficient Kitchen Design
  • In-depth Equipment Knowledge

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Complete installation & Commissioning

Commercial kitchen equipment delivery and supply


We not only custom make stainless steel kitchen equipment, we also take care of the delivery and installation. This means that you can take a hands-off approach when it comes to the nitty-gritty and more dry side of things. Our freight costs are easy to understand and are straight forward, meaning that you can concentrate on the equipment rather than the logistics of delivery.

  • Safe & Timely Delivery
  • On-site Installation
  • Easy & Affordable

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Technical Support & after sales service

Commercial kitchen service and support


To ensure that everything is running well, we have staff dedicated to helping our clients with technical assistance and warranty issues. Prior to this, there is training that will help orientate you (or your chefs) with the new equipment.

  • On-call Service Staff
  • Helpful Information
  • Friendly Staff

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Finance and Rent-To-Buy

Commercial kitchen finance options


Building a commercial kitchen is an expensive undertaking, especially when the fitout includes high-quality, durable machines. Rather than settling for a lesser quality machine that may not be up to the task at hand, or cutting corners in any other way, there are finance solutions that allow you to attain the proper kitchen for your project.

  • For Restaurants of All Sizes
  • Flexible Options
  • Founded 1986

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Completed Designs

Completed Designs

Restaurant, Cafes, Juice-bars and much more.




Kitchen Types and Markets

Kitchen Types and Markets

All sorts of kitchen design for all sorts of situation.




Stainless Steel Design

Stainless Steel Design

Design, fabrication and delivery of custom stainless steel.




6-Step Process

6-Step Process

From the initial idea to finance, design and fruition.







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