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Custom Stainless Steel Benches and Surfaces

Our benches can be made to fit the wide variety of functions found in any commercial kitchen. The configuration of the bench can be made to conform to specific dimensions needed, and there is a wide variety of features that can be added in or removed. This includes such things as shelves, cabinets, plinth mounting, side edging, and more.

  • Configurable Design
  • Additional Features
  • Custom Dimensions

Custom Stainless Steel Refrigeration & Display

When it comes to a commercial kitchen floorspace is prime real-estate. Because of this, it is important that you can configure your fridge to fit into a specific area while retaining as much capacity as possible. We customise all sorts of fridges into all sorts of sizes. Our design team is well practiced in monopolising on space limitations and ensuring layout efficiency.

  • Custom Cake Display
  • Configurable Design
  • Optimised Capacity
  • Custom Dimensions

Custom Stainless Steel Coolrooms & Freezer-rooms

Both coolrooms and freezer-rooms are a necessary aspect of the large- to mid-scale storage of perishable goods. In the hospitality industry, where food safety and hygiene are imperative, the service provided by a good quality coolroom is indispensable. Aside from hospitality, coldrooms see a lot of use in supermarkets, fishmongeries, and other industries that need constant and reliable low temperatures.

  • Freezer-rooms
  • Walk-in Design
  • Configurable Design

Custom Stainless Steel Canopies & Ventilation

The dimensions of commercial exhaust systems quite often varies greatly between kitchens. Certain configurations will need a specific shape, size, and functionality from their mechanical ventilation set-up. We have experience with all sorts of fitouts and know which set-up suits which type of kitchen.

  • Adaptable to Structure
  • Configurable Design
  • Custom Dimensions

Custom Stainless Steel Sinks & Ice Wells

There are all sorts of sinks in a commercial kitchen. This includes basins, ice wells, drip trays, and all sorts of different sized stainless steel liquid catchment areas. These can be wall-mounted, or built into a custom bench.

  • Variable Capacity
  • Specific Design
  • Clean, Smooth Finish

Custom Stainless Steel Shelving

Shelves are maybe not the first thing thought about when designing a kitchen, but they are indispensable. Whether for holding benchtop equipment, or for storage, shelves need to be strong, sturdy, and durable—which is exactly the way we build them. We also design and fabricate splashbacks as well as the occasional decorative wall covering.

  • Configurable Construction
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Robust & Sturdy

Custom Stainless Steel Trolleys

Trolleys are not just useful for transporting items around the kitchen, and out into the restaurant beyond, they can also be used to make your commercial kitchen more modular and easily configurable. For both these purposes a custom designed and fabricated stainless steel trolley is the best solution.

  • Custom Dimensions
  • Client Specified Design
  • Additional Options

Custom Stainless Steel Cabinets & Storage

Storage is an important aspect of a commercial kitchen design. This includes areas in workbenches, cupboards, under sinks, and as part of most displays. From warming cabinets to mobile cabinets, and everything in between—we can custom make the best stainless steel solution for commercial kitchen.

  • Smart Storage Solutions
  • Configurable Dimensions & Features
  • Equipment for Multiple Storage Options

Custom Stainless Steel Outdoor & BBQ

Outdoor and al fresco areas are often limited for space. Because of this, efficiency, optimisation, and a well-designed work-space are paramount. An outdoor stainless steel bench and BBQ combination can be specifically customised suited to your area, offering a new type of kitchen / entertaining area. Whatever the size, we can create the right fit.

  • Optimised for Specific Dimensions
  • Modular, Customisable Options
  • Custom Dimensions & Features
  • Configurable Design

Custom Stainless Steel Miscellaneous Fabrication

Perhaps what you need isn’t a bench, shelf, refrigerator, or anything else we have listed here. We aren’t limited to those specific items, they just happen to be the most popular products that we fabricate. If you have a need that custom stainless steel fabrication can fill, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll surely be able to help.

  • Configurable Design
  • Customisable Order
  • Custom Dimensions





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