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Different commercial kitchen fitouts may require alternate exhaust canopy filtration solutions. Having the proper exhaust filter system is vital for both odour control and maintaining hygienic kitchen air.

This may be best achieved by treating the contaminated air with a UV filter that breaks down grease and other molecules into ash, or an electrostatic system with stronger airflow but that requires more regular cleaning.



UV Filtration


Electrostatic Filtration

UV Filtration System

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UV Filtration System

Ultraviolet filtration systems improve the effectiveness of commercial kitchen canopies, resulting in better kitchen hygiene and an improved kitchen environment. By treating the airborne chemicals gathered by the range-hood with UV light, the collected organic material is broken down and becomes much easier and efficient to dispose of.


This process of decomposition by light, known as photolysis, means reduced grease and odour build-up, which in turn means greater component life, a large reduction to fire hazards, and a much more relaxed cleaning schedule.

Electrostatic Filtration System

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Electrostatic Filtration System

Electrostatic filtration works by ionising the particles that have been brought into the ventilation ducts from the canopy. This basically means that the charge of these particles is put off balance, and the particle is now either positively or negatively charged. Once this is done, the particles are sent though an appropriately charged collector, to which they are naturally attracted. The result is that the particles are stolen from the air, which is then clean and free to be exhausted out.


An electrostatic precipitator is efficient and can even be added to an existing ventilation system.

Electrostatic filtration process schematic





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Custom Kitchen Ventilation


Navigating the appropriate ventilation requirements (in accordance with Australian standards) can be tricky for those coming into commercial kitchen design for the first time. Our team has had plenty of experience with both a myriad of different fitouts and designing for the standardised requirements. This means that we can relay important information to keep our client abreast of necessary design choices.


The design of commercial kitchen ventilation is split into two main components: the ducts and the canopy. When designing the ducts, the focus is on efficiency, minimal structural impact, optimisation of air flow, and minimising material wastage. When designing the canopy, although efficiency and optimisation are still fundamental in the process, there is also an emphasis on creating a good looking unit that fits into the overall kitchen design.


After the plans have been made, the system designed and eventually fabricated, the next step is to get the ventilation system installed. We take care of this process and work with you have it done on time and with minimal disruption.


Once the design has been created, our dedicated fabrication team work to quickly and effectively make the stainless steel parts and assemble them into appropriate components ready to be installed.