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Winterhalter 'PT-M' Passthrough Dishwasher

Product Code: PT-M

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The PT-M passthrough dishwasher has a built in system to automatically adjust the power (and thereby the energy consumption) of the wash depending on the type of dishes and the degree of uncleanliness. As well as saving on energy/water costs, this means that the crockery isn’t subjected to unneeded wear. The water used in the machine is constantly filtered and remains high quality and an efficient washing aid. This dishwasher is also extremely easy to use and is controlled through an intuitive touchscreen that communicates through symbols rather than any language.


Standard Features:

• Variable washing pressure – coordinated for dish type and degree of soiling
• Software
• EnergyLight
• VarioPower
• Full-flow filtration
• Touchscreen
• Active energy management
• Elliptical wash fields
• Hygiene design
• Temperature display
• Thermostop
• Self-cleaning programme
• Hood handles
• Integrated rinse aid dosing device


• Height: 1515 mm
• Depth: 750 mm
• Width: 635 mm


• Weight: 134 kg
• Height with hood open: 1995
• Rack dimensions: 500 x 500


• 240 V / 1N~ / 50 – 60 Hz

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