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Ken Hands '35752' Cutting Board (Size 5, Brown)

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Ken Hands Agencies is a leading Australian hospitality supplier with a wide range of various kitchenware items. Part of this wide range covers a large selection of cutting boards. These boards offer excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. P.E (polyethylene) boards are perfect for long term and frequent use as they don't wear away and expand like hard wood cutting boards.


• Dimensions: 508 x 381 mm

• Colour: Brown

Polyethylene Cutting Board


• Dimensions: 508 x 381 mm

• Thickness: 19 mm

• Commercial Design


The cutting boards are split up into six food-safe colours:

White – Dairy

Blue – Sea Food

Green – Vegetable

Red – Raw Meats

Yellow – Poultry

Brown – Cooked Meats

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