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Triple A 'M447' Condiment Plate (per Six)

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Product Code: M447

Triple A has a large variety of high-quality tableware, bakeware, and serving ceramic. Their twenty-year long commitment to the hospitality industry has ensured a sleek and elegant style that will complement and enhance the food presented on their wares.


• Dimensions: 140 x 70 x 30 mm

• Colour: White


If you have two condiments to serve this is the dish they should be served upon. It's a simple design, two square compartments that will keep your sauces from spilling into one another. Like all of the rest of the porcelain range, the clean white will contrast nicely with the colourful pigment of the sauces (except perhaps mayonnaise).


• Commercial grade fine porcelain.

• Microwave and oven safe.

• Tested Product.

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